$43,805 seized from vehicle traveling through Marion County on Interstate 75

The Florida Highway Patrol seized $43,805 in cash Thursday morning from a vehicle traveling through Marion County on Interstate 75.

A 2017 Ford F-150 had been southbound at  11:17 a.m. near Mile Marker  371.  The vehicle was driven by a man from Miami and another Miami man was riding along as a passenger.

During the course of the traffic stop, an FHP K-9 was deployed, conducting a free air sniff of the vehicle, and receiving an alert. A probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted and $43,805 was located in the center console. Both men who had been traveling in the truck denied ownership of the money. The money was subsequently forfeited by the occupants of the vehicle to FHP.




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  1. Cary Sternberg says

    Gee, I didn’t know these dogs were trained to sniff out money. Could I arrange to borrow one to search the closet where my wife keeps all her old pocketbooks?

  2. Chip Griffen says

    They should have said they were on their way to buy an RV…there is simply nothing illegal about carrying currency. I watch costs more than that, so, do we presume I am smuggler – or on my way to Zales?

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