AM-640 WVLG promoted open houses during Hurricane Irma


To the Editor:

Recently read the Letter to the Editor about AM-640 WVLG and can’t agree more. I called SECO about 100 times on all their numbers from Monday early until Wednesday and all busy signals. I called Community Watch to see if SECO gave them an update, the woman said to me, “we have no contact with any of the utilities.” I tried to call the radio station and the line was busy. Cannot the utility tell the radio station some news about restoration. The radio said please keep off the streets and the next breath talked about an open house in Fenney, really?

Walter Kyle
Village of Mira Mesa


  1. Very Good Piece. Adds to the examples of why the Villages was one of the states worst communities in taking care of its residents during and after the hurricane. I give the Villages a D- in it’s response.

    One note – SECO’s facebook page is very good on outage reporting.

  2. So I guess you watch the Game Show Channel for lottery updates?
    Do you go to the Dollar Store for prime steak?
    Do you go to the squares for classical music?
    Do you go to an automobile dealer to fix your lawnmower?
    Do you read the daily horoscope to determine your day? Oh, wait. Maybe not a good example.