74-year-old bicyclist killed in accident in Pasco County


A 74-year-old bicyclist was killed in an accident Wednesday afternoon in Pasco County.

Michael Beardi, 74, of New Port Richey was on a bicycle without a helmet at the southeast corner of the intersection of DeCubellis Road and Ridge Road, attempting to cross westbound to the southwest corner of the intersection via a marked pedestrian crosswalk while facing a steady red pedestrian control signal, according to a Florida Highway Patrol accident report. Jerome Barraia, 82, of New Port Richey was at the wheel of a 2010 Hyundai Sonata while travelling southbound on DeCubellis Road when Beardi entered the path of Barraia’s vehicle resulting in a collision, the report stated.

Beardi was transported to Morton Plant North Bay Hospital where he died from his injuries. Charges are pending.



  1. As a bicycle rider, I have more compassion for the Auto driver, as he will see this in his dreams for the rest of his life. We bicyclists, must abide by all the rules of the highway. Red means stop and wait for a go signal. Just think of how many bicyclists, fail to stop at stop signs, cut around parked cars without looking in a mirror, fail to stop for pedestrians, etc.