76-year-old man arrested after altercation with woman in Village of Tall Trees

A 76-year-old man was arrested after an altercation with a woman in the Village of Tall Trees.

Ronald Charles Polisoto

Ronald Charles Polisoto

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies were called shortly before 3 p.m. Saturday to a home on Five Forks Trail where a 69-year-old woman said that Ronald Charles Polisoto had “violently” grabbed her, leaving bruises on her upper arms. He wanted to collect some of his things when he and the woman got into a disagreement over a book she was holding. He allegedly grabbed and then twisted her arms in an attempt to get the book away from her.

Polisoto left before law enforcement arrived. When a deputy reached Polisoto on his cell phone, he told the deputy he was leaving The Villages and was going to Montana to “hide out.”

The deputy made another call Monday to Polisoto and was able to persuade him to come in for an interview at the Sheriff’s Annex in The Villages.

He was arrested on a third degree felony charge of battery on a person over the age of 65. He was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center on $3,000 bond.





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