Do these actions represent you?

Marsha Shearer

Marsha Shearer

Republicans in Congress finally kept their promise…no, not the one about working collaboratively for the American people, not the one about increasing jobs and repairing our infrastructure, and not the one about improving our immigration system. No…not those. Instead they finally voted to repeal a law that has given 22 million uninsured people access to health care. They don’t give a damn that people with serious health conditions will again be denied coverage. They don’t care that insurance companies will return to using annual and lifetime caps on coverage. And screw the folks who need expensive medications – heck – if it’s that important, let them eat cat food! And let’s assure there is no future middle class since 18-26 year olds will either pay massive premiums or go bankrupt trying to pay hospital bills. House and Senate Republicans are happy to allow insurance companies return to taking huge profits through higher premiums while providing less care.

If that isn’t enough, they brag about defunding health care clinics that serve 2.7 million men and women every year. Pardon the pun, but this is sickening.

Congressional Republicans are actually proud of their actions. Imagine that. And remember that.

Do these actions reflect the America you want to live in? Are you and your family being represented in Congress? David Koller, Democratic candidate for Florida’s 11th Congressional District, will fight to assure that health care remains a right for all and not a privilege for the rich.

Of course Republicans know that the President will veto the legislation and that Congress does not have sufficient votes to override it. This vote is nothing more than an expensive exercise in futility. But be assured the ACA and Planned Parenthood will cease to exist if a Republican is elected to the White House. If you like that idea, here’s another one. Contact your children and grandchildren, friends and relatives who have benefited from these programs and listen to their stories. Then put yourself in their place … if you can.

Marsha Shearer is a resident of The Villages.

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  1. john heigl says

    I know your question was rhetorical but Lincoln, Republican number 1 valued President, freed the slaves — somewhat against his own will and idea. Then the apparently first great conspiracy of Republicans, that war government annihilation attempt, took him out at Ford’s Theater. Since Lincoln, Republican Presidents have presided over the creation of the majority of Recession-events, including the Great Depression and the Great Recession. Their adherents are ill informed, rude and pretty creepy, as witness comments on this very thread. If you delve deeply into Republican methods you will find treason (the deals Nixon’s people made with Hanoi before his election, and the deals Reagan’s people made with Khomeini before Reagan’s election …) Oh, and don’t forget that “great” Republican hero, Oliver North, good for monkey business Republican. Of course in a nation founded by traitors to George III there’s always going to be some amusing times — and these Villages threads are it, these days. 🙂

  2. Fred Hoeck says

    It was about time that the Republican majority we elected to the House and Senate finally did something ti stop the President who is trying to become a Dictator. Congress does not pass a bill, he will make an Exeutive order, who cares about Article I of the U.S. Constitution. This is how Hitler turned Germany from a Republic to Dictatorship.

    When Obamacare is repealed, it will be replaced by a new system, patient centered.

    And Why should taxpayer funds go to support Planned Parenthood’s cutting up and selling baby parts. PP was started by Margaret Sanger to wipe out non-white races, look it up.

    Why when Democrats are in Majority, Republicans are told to be quite and we will do it our way, when reverse, there is supposed to be collaboration?

  3. Lysander Smith says

    I’m a farm kid who is still covered by my parents health care because I’m also a college student. Like my parents and grandparents, we all still work hard on the farm, me too. But I was born with what they call a preexisting condition, and when I was very young, my parents were told that I would not be able to get health care on my own. Is this fair? Is this what we are about?

    I guess we’re all selfish by wanting what WE need when it has to do with us. Did people think much about Parkensons disease until a famous person like Micheal J. Fox got it and brought it to our attention? I’m selfish too. I need to know that when I’m on my own for health care, I can get it and not have some insurance company say they won’t take care of me because I was born with a lifetime condition and I would cut into their profits.

    So many people look at this as politics. It isn’t, it really isn’t. It’s about public health. We all pay for public education, even people who don’t have children. Why can’t we pay for public health knowing that good health is just that, good for everyone. Why don’t we think of public health as one of the most important things when we figure out priorities, what’s more important to pay for than something else.

    • Don Baldwin says

      Where do you end the practice, draw the line, of everyone chips in, some pay more some pay less, than the actual cost?

      Most people want to pay their FAIR share and no more. They don’t want to pay more to subsidize someone else. That is what the ACA does, it forces everyone to buy a product of which the costs aren’t fair. The poor pay much less than what they cost. The wealthy pay much more than what they cost.

      It’s like going into the grocery store and the prices you pay are “adjusted” based on your income. Everyone paying a price relative to their financial status. Buying a car where everyone pays a different price based on their income. Houses, priced based on income, etc.

      It might seem fair, but it isn’t really. It’s not fair to those who do the work. That’s the problem with socialism, not everyone can or does contribute equally but everyone gets the benefits. What do you do with shirkers?

      How about the obese? Should they pay the same as everyone else due to a choice they make? How about car insurance, should everyone pay the same rate? So what if they have a “medical condition” called alcoholism, and higher accident rates?

      Are we an ant colony or a society of humans each with our OWN goals, hopes, and dreams? We also have different abilities, we can’t all do the same things well. Do you want to be one of the Borg? 7 of 9? Told by the collective what and how to do everything? Or, would you rather make your own decisions. I think you want an ant colony. Everyone is equal, same pay, same food, same housing, same medical care, same everything. I guess you can dress differently to show your independence.

      Socialism is for the followers, not the leaders of society. The users, not the makers.

  4. James Radatz says

    Which is worse? Those that want the same for everybody, or those that expect the working class to pay the bills for those that refuse to work, or refuse to get better education so they can get a better job? Dems. or Repubs. Somebody has to pay the bill for those that prefer to sit on their laurels.

    • john heigl says

      The only persons of note “refusing to work,” seem to be Republicans. Not only that, if you study the timeline of Recessions in the US, you will see that a Republican WH occupant usually presided of the creation of a economic unemployment scenario … so not only “refusing to work,” Republicans generally have disallowed employment. Then again, they preach “smaller government,” while creating agencies like TSA — what’s wrong with the Republican picture? Basically, I’m telling you, it’s a lie.

  5. Ellie Lemke says

    If more people have health coverage, more jobs will be created caring for them. And without health coverage, the sick will still get treated FOR FREE. And where do you think That money comes from? Perhaps the higher hospital costs for all of us? Universal health coverage allows the sick to be made healthy, and healthy people are able to work and pay taxes….sounds like the cycle of Life…sounds good to me.

  6. LiZa Adkison says

    marsha must have drank some of the same koolaid that goofy mayor of philadelphia imbibed before saying something to the effect, the shooter in no way has anything to do with islam, blah,blah,blah,,, this after the shooter DECLARED HE DID IT IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, supports isis and went to syria twice to fight for islam!!!
    obamacare is falling apart on its own without any actions from republicans or anything else… you are entitled to your opinions, but the facts refute most everything you have written… yes the insurance companies had it good while not having to cover previous conditions, but at what price??? did your premiums go down $2400??? ask those NOT on medicare if they were able to keep their doctor…
    would be pointless to refute each of the premises you claim cuz you and the rest of the dems must be living in an alternate universe if you believe obamacare is anything except a multibillion dollar disaster for the people and the economy… again, am most confident jimmy carter says a prayer daily for obama, in thankfulness, cuz he is no longer the worst most feckless president in history

    • Marsha Shearer says

      LiZa, apparently you have difficulty staying on topic. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t draw attention to someone’s obvious deficiencies, however there is nothing I wrote that mentions shooters or Islam.
      The topic was the ACA.. Regarding Kool Aid, I suggest you drink yours straight minus whatever is causing your hallucinations.

      I do think, when it comes to the President, you doth protest way too much. It must be those additives again…try laying off whatever is causing all that hatred. It’s just not all that becoming.

      • LiZa Adkison says

        marsha, i fully addressed and stayed on topic… i am really surprised you did not comprehend the comparison i made between the goofy mayor making his ridiculous statements about the shooting and you making equally ridiculous statements about the aca (which is neither affordable nor care) anyone listening to him and reading the statements you made praising the aca would think they were reading a sketch from saturday night live… so thank you, it is always nice to have a good laugh in these troubled times that your boy wonder/community organizer/golfer-in-chief has plagued our once great country with

        • Linda Hallinan says

          LiZa, why do you find it unacceptable for a Democrat to offer healthcare when a Republican(Mitt Romney) offered it in Massachusetts while Governor? What would be a viable alternate plan, instead of simply repealing it and having nothing? I understand that you hate our current president, but I think you will hate the next one even more, so perhaps you should prepare yourself now. I’m afraid the achievements, especially social issues, will continue on into the next century.

          • LiZa Adkison says

            linda, so many untruths, where do we start??? most important, i do not hate the feckless wonder currently in office, I HATE WHAT HE HAS DONE TO OUR COUNTRY, and praise GOD, we only have 375 more days of his sabotage… there is a big difference, remember; hate the sin, love the sinner… fully agree something must be done to regain our once great health care system in this country, but the likes of the aca is not the answer and it must go (in its current form) cuz it was so poorly written… tantamount to building a sky scrapper on a foundation of sand… if it is sooooo wonderful, why has it been changed, BY THIS FECKLESS ADMINISTRATION, a zillion times, and still not fully implemented, as it was poorly first written??? politics has a lot to do with that, (though the dems still took a beating in the election), NEWSFLASH>>>i definitely will not hate the next president, … if you people really think the likes of the clintons, pelosi, reid, belazzio(? the other goofy mayor) are good for this country, then i am not going to waste my time watching our once great country go down the sewer, i’ve got better things to do… 2CHRONICLES 7:14

          • George Page says

            Linda, your question: “why do you find it unacceptable for a Democrat to offer healthcare when a Republican(Mitt Romney) offered it in Massachusetts while Governor?
            My answer: As a Massachusetts resident at the time, I found Romney’s MassHealth plan unacceptable as well. The short history of both plans demonstrates major misrepresentations, with respect to cost and coverage, were made by the proponents

      • LiZa Adkison says

        fact checking with an OBJECTIVE source would be advantageous, used toilet paper has more value than the left wing rag you evidently look up to… keep sipping that koolaide

      • Linda Hallinan says

        Tom! Wow. That’s what I thought. Go figure. I was appalled at the comments on that post as well. I gave up for a few days, then our friend, John Heigl, convinced me to come back and wage the good fight. I will not, however, respond to anything from Page or Magenheimer, ever. That should work the best. Please come back!!!!

        • George Page says

          Linda, you broke your promise!!!!! Here it is in black and white:

          “I am sure you ALL will be happy to know that I will NO LONGER be posting on VILLAGES NEWS. The Daily Sun at least , requires civil discourse, AND really does respect Democratic views just by the fact in printing them. I will continue with that. I would like to thank George Page, Ed Magenheimer, Mike Armstrong, Dale Hyatt, Ross Wright, Louise Tuttle, Allen Burns and any others I may have forgotten, for reminding me each and every day that I am proud to be a Democrat.”

          You will soon break another promise when you respond to either Ed or me. Can’t wait!

  7. john heigl says

    Most Republican actions are designed to take one’s eyes from their created prospect: a US Budget with 55% of funds going to Military, without any war. The dollar amount(s) expended are not audited and total a sum greater than the next six greatest military budgets in the world. What is going on is bait and switch every time a Republican is elected — the military industrial complex is getting an agent in place, you are losing representation. With the amount of black budgeting going on, you may as well ready for more turbulent times, since our military is quite capable of funding all the conflicts going on in the world right now and having money left over to destabilize America with false flag operations. A first good step, after improving the VA, would be to open VA services to all American citizens with provisions for health care for everyone in the country to some degree — and not the kind of “health care” the Germans provided through Mengele, et al.

    • Chris Stanley says

      John, just imagine if the VA got the estimated 100 million dollars all these repeal attempts have cost us, the taxpayers. Just imagine if that 100 million dollars went to improve/repair the crumbling infrastructure. Think of how many middle class jobs that could have created. Imagine it went to schools, to the elderly, to the homeless.

      100 million in our tax dollars to repeal something we the people actually want. Talk about taxation without representation!

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