80-year-old Villager in safe place as Hurricane Irma makes arrival in Florida

Richard Hendricks

Richard Hendricks

A 80-year-old Villager is lodged in a safe place as Hurricane Irma makes her arrival in Florida.

Richard Neil Hendricks was arrested Wednesday on a warrant charging him with failure to appear on a charge of grand theft.

He is being held without bond at the Lake County Jail.

Hendricks has spent the summer trying to stay one step ahead of the law.

In July, he was arrested on a warrant at a Burger King in Daytona Beach. Later that same month he was arrested after paying an unwanted visit in his golf cart to the Waterfront Inn at Lake Sumter Landing.





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    • Sherren PJ says

      Richard Kammarada

      Why don’t you just post your opinion about the article, rather than focusing on the comments of others?

      I personally feel very sorry for Richard Neil Hendricks. He obviously has some very serious problems that should be addressed by mental health professionals.

    • LiZa Adkison says

      James, this bottom dweller knows exactly what he is doing… he doubled charged a potential renter, CLAIMING he dis not receive the check, AFTER depositing said CHECK… he is a thieving liberal lefty… and the next time i see him at the WINN-DIXIE at Pinellas, i will call and report his sorry ass… he KNOWS exactly what he is doing

          • Len Pittsacado says

            RJ, anyone that voted for Obama twice and then Hillary should be covering his face in shame and/or drinking himself into oblivion. Lunacy lives on the left, at your age should have learned that by now.

        • LiZa Adkison says

          Henry, you must be very hot, cuz when tested, it was 163… and to be polite, and ANSWER your question, yes, i do “throw political stones”, cuz everything we do and say reflects our politics… it is as real and as big a part of our lives as our spiritual beliefs

          • LiZa Adkison says

            sorry bout missing the “k” Henryk… if you do not realize spiritual beliefs (NOT religion) and politics/ government are seriously intertwined, you evidently have never read the Bible

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