Alert pharmacist at Publix catches fraudulent prescription

An alert pharmacist at Publix at Mulberry Grove in The Villages caught a fraudulent prescription this past weekend.

The fraudulent prescription had been dropped off at about 3:30 p.m. Saturday, according to an incident report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The pharmacist said she had called the doctor’s office and was told the prescription was bogus.


Hiers Baxley - Villages News

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  1. LiZa Adkison says

    being “alert” is great, but mite have acted premature, should have waited till person arrived to pick up rx, (hopefully with a cop nearby), then call doctor… could have been a person from the doctor’s staff, but now we’ll never know

  2. Ann Eggleston says

    What was it for? Who was it for? This article is really just a couple of statements, leaving nothing but questions in the readers minds. Better to have left it out until more information was gathered.

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