Why allow water bottling companies to drain our aquifer?


To the Editor:

I read the letter submitted by Kathy Schue, and I certainly try to conserve water. I believe what Kathy says is right, however, if water is really in that short supply, why has the legislature allowed the bottle water companies to take millions of gallons of water every day from our aquifers. Who should answer to that?
Jack Liptak
Village of Poinciana


  1. I cannot figure out why they are taking our water, when we have to cut back on using our water. Doesn’t make sense to me. I refuse to buy the bottle water from the company that is taking it. What are they thinking. Harold Swartz would not appreciate how much has changed here, since he passed on. He wanted retirees to have a nice place everyone could afford to enjoy the rest of their lives. Things have sure changed in the 19 years we have been here. No longer a quaint town enjoy.

  2. The southwest Water management officials no nothing about managing , conserving Water but they do believe where Profit goes . The political system that manages these buffoons is responsible for our water situation .

  3. Now that we’re facing a drought and water rationing, both absolutely predictable, people again are asking why is it that we’re told to conserve but bottling companies can continue to withdraw water with impunity. Demand of those running for Governor of both parties to address this issue and to stop using Florida’s Water Management Districts as a quid pro quo for political favors and donations. Most Boards are comprised of land developers, big agri CEOs, campaign bundlers, big business owners. How about appointing hydrologists, environmental scientists, geologists instead…you know, people who understand the consequences of their actions in the long term and short term profits are no longer a consideration.

  4. To answer Jack’s question about who is responsible, start at the top:
    Rick Scott- governor
    Don Hadenfelt–state rep
    Dennis Baxley-state senator
    Southwest Florida Water Management commissioners(appointed by
    the Governor) –you can find their names on their website.

    BUT ultimately, we the citizens, who are complacent about our water
    resources, and their useage. Who do not become involved, we are
    the ones responsible.

    • I’m so glad you gave us that website. It opened my eyes. Wonderful. A “charitable” water company. There were only four or five “charitable” acts sited. One is they sponsor someone to become Miss America. (Really?). Another sponsors a church mission to Nicaugra. (How did they decide to sponsor one church over the others?). The others were at least somewhat charitable. Although I’m not sure sponsoring a minor league baseball team is a charitable act. Ridiculous.

  5. Because profits for one will always beat out health for many.

    The Southwest Water Management District bent over backward to give away that bottling permit. A small group of Villagers did what they could to stop it, and had some success, but ultimately if someone out there can make a few million, then screw the rest of us.