Ambulance crew helps nab DUI suspect driving in wrong direction in Villages

Joy Hunt

Joy Hunt

An ambulance crew helped apprehend a drunk driving suspect who had been driving a car with two flat tires in the wrong direction Tuesday night near Eisenhower Recreation Center.

The Rural/Metro Ambulance crew spotted the car at about 9:30 p.m. driving south in the northbound lane of Buena Vista Boulevard. When a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene, an EMT was stranding directly in front of the car driven by 76-year-old Joy Lorraine Hunt of the Village of Buttonwood. The ambulance crew had stopped Hunt, and immediately determined she was intoxicated.

A deputy asked Hunt where she was coming from and she responded by saying, “from the bar.” The deputy then asked Hunt if she had been drinking and she replied, “A lot, I shouldn’t be driving.”

She attempted to perform field sobriety exercises, but gave up.

“I’m too drunk to do that, just take me to jail,” she said.

She later provided two breath samples that each registered .181 blood alcohol content.

She was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center on a charge of DUI. Bond was set at $1,000.


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  1. Lianne Migiano says

    And I just saw a golf cart CROSS 27/441 at the traffic light between Walgreens/Circle K to go to Lowe’s – in broad daylight and, presumably not intoxicated. Didn’t someone get killed that way less than a year ago?

  2. Larry Hartman says

    Hey who cares about drunk drivers and sex on the square/utility boxes, shoplifting, golf cart thefts, etc . We have a 80 year woman that has a driveway that’s to wide. She’s the “REAL” problem.

  3. Debbie Gentry says

    It seems that folks are trying to solve their problems by drinking so they numb whatever pain is going on in their life. Until Florida implements some regulations on happy hours / 2 for one reduce drink prices, it will not slow the drinkers down. Alcohol is way too cheap here so it’s an easy fix for pain and Entertainment! There are several celebrate recovery and AA groups here if you are looking for help with any kind of bad habit! Hopefully she will get some help to break this potential deadly habit!

    • James Locke says

      1) Alcoholism is not a “deadly habit” nor is it a “bad habit.” It’s a disease, just like diabetes.

      2) The government has to regulate “happy hours / 2 for one reduce [sic] drink prices”? Hard to believe some people still live in the Dark Ages.

  4. Michele Marchese says

    Having been in restaurant business for 30 years,
    It is very much the bartender etc that are responsible for overserving people. They do it all the time in The Villages .
    The bartenders are wanting their tips. But if they fitness sued.. believe me .. a lot less DUI’s.

  5. James Radatz says

    In reference to people blaming the booze establishment. If you were to obligate bars to monitor the amount of drinks one consumes, as indicated in many states by the legal beagles, you would be undermining ones civil rights. I go along with having non-required alcohol meters at the doors. However, it is up to each of us to monitor our beverage intake. We are not crazy teen-agers, Most of us are civilized adults, therefore, obligating ourselves to control what we do.

  6. Deborah Zaranti says

    I think it’s so sad when the elderly feel that the most important thing in their life is their relationship with a bottle of booze. What a waste. They could be useful and volunteer instead of sitting home alone drinking or hanging out in a bar.

  7. Kathleen Wilson says

    I sincerely hope the embarrasment and humiliation of having this posted (and with her picture!) gives her pause to think about what or if she needs to make some changes. From her comments I believe she is not clueless but is very unhappy and sees that she’s lucky to not have injured or killed someone…there is help out there…

    • David L. Wilson says

      Florida needs to reform it’s laws. Before long there will be more unpunished people on probation out there creating more havoc than there are law abiding citizens.

  8. Melvin Tigue says

    If she simply took the wrong exit/entrance on a traffic circle she could have been initially been driving in either direction and who knows what bar served her.

    The flat tires might have been from jumping a curb etc. when she exited a traffic circle in the wrong direction.

  9. Ann Eggleston says

    I believe she’s been in here before. Enough. I know she’s old, but jail time is due. She obviously doesn’t want help. If she does she can get it in jail.

  10. DianaLantana says

    Why can’t the bars here install a breathalyzer in the bar.? If a person wants more drinks that is normal or if they are falling off the bar stool they can refuse to sell them any more liquor unless they take the test.
    If the customer become combative the bar can call the police to remove them?
    Or is it the right of the drunk customer to get in the car and drive and maybe kill someone?

      • Ann Eggleston says

        Because she’s an adult and she’s old enough to be responsible for herself and not blaming it on someone else. Customers often go up to the bar and order drinks for several people. Everyone in a party doesn’t go up to the kiosk at happy hour and wait in line for an hour. One or two go and gets drinks for everyone they are with. When are people going to start being responsible for their own actions?

    • LiZa Adkison says

      sanitary breathalyzer equipment in every bar??? i don’t think so, but i would be for having them on ALL cars, where only the owner”s breath would be recognized before starting… like the ones they put on serial dui a__holes… backup cameras are now REQUIRED standard equipment, could do the same with ignition systems

  11. Bill Williams says

    Does this woman have a death wish or what? Problem is, she will probably take some innocent person with her. Go figure, what the hell is wrong with some people?

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