Villages couple has 11 holes-in-one between them

Jim and Christine Brown have had a total of 11 holes-in-one between them.

To Jim and Christine Brown, golf means a little more than what shows up on the scorecard. The Browns have a total of 11 holes-in-ones. Striking a chord for the ladies, Christine has seven to Jim’s four. Although there is a little friendly competition involved, a hole-in-one by either is a time of jubilation for […]

Villages High School golf coach named to national top 50 list of instructors

Wade Martin

Golf professional Wade Martin, who teaches at The Villages Golf Academy and also coaches The Villages High School’s boys golf program, has been named among the US Kids’ Golf list for top 50 instructors. Us Kids’ golf certified coaches are recognized in teaching golf to youngsters 12-and-under. Certified coaches team to leverage their expertise by incorporating […]

Husband and wife both get holes-in-one in same month

Brenda Terranova recently got a hole-in-one at Glenview Champions Country Club.

It’s becoming a normal happening in The Villages – a man and wife both having holes-in-one on their resume. Where it used to be the norm for one partner to have the bragging rights of the household, others are striving more and more to match the feat. Brenda Terranova is one of the latest to […]

Former coach continues her winning ways on pickleball courts

Deb Harrison

When Deb Harrison was born, she was the boy her dad always wanted. “I was my father’s boy. After two girls, he wanted a boy,” Harrison said. In the athletic arena, she sparkled. That she was able to accomplish so much is amazing. “I barely survived,” she said. “I was three months premature,” But survive […]

Two bowlers roll 300 in Villages Open at Spanish Springs Lanes

The fifth annual Villages Open bowling tournament was held at Spanish Springs Lanes this past Sunday. The popular tournament drew 82 keglers. The field was cut to 41 after a three-game qualifying segment. The field was then cut to 20 bowlers for the one-game third round. After the third round, eight bowlers advanced to the […]

94-year-old Villager sets record at Florida Senior Games

John Horwatch

Just as sure as the robins in spring or the swallows in Capistrano, the results are in from the archery at the Florida Senior Games and John Horwath, 94, once again led the pack in the 90-94 group and also once again he set a new record in the compound release. In the event, held […]

Villager gets hole-in-one 12 weeks after hip replacement

Villager Joe Heffernan go a hole-in-one 12 weeks after hip replacement.

If everyday began like his golf game started at Tarpon Boil on Nov. 16, Joe Heffernan wouldn’t even set the alarm clock. He would be up and eager to go. On Heffernan’s first shot of the morning, his tee shot found the hole. What a way to begin the day. Not only was it his […]