‘Ringleader’ in foiled Villages Charter School shooting plot released to custody of his grandparents

Zachary Shearon

The 13-year-old “ringleader” in the foiled school shooting plot earlier this year at the Villages Charter School has been released to the custody of his grandparents, pending an upcoming trial date. Zachary Shearon will be confined to ”secure home detention” after nearly two months in juvenile detention since his arrest in January. It’s not clear […]

75-year-old man arrested for being AWOL from Air Force since 1972

Marion County Sheriff's Office

Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies assisted agents with the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations on Tuesday in locating 75-year-old Linley Benson Lemburg, who has been absent without leave from the Air Force since 1972. Lemburg was living at 7847 SW 5th Place in Ocala with his wife under the alias of William […]