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The gates are wasting everyone’s time

An attendant works the Morse South Gate..

To the Editor: I am pretty certain that anyone who lives in or travels through The Villages is well aware of what these “security gates” really are, nothing more than lipstick on a pig. Lets look at the reality of the situation. Just this morning an ambulance with lights and sirens was impeded from entering […]

Water Oak residents deserve to feel safe in their homes

Water Oak

To the Editor: High-tech license plate recognition is coming to gates in The Villages. Video cameras are already in place at the gate. But the license plate recognition software will be of great benefit to law enforcement. Under the current system, detectives  sit for hours, or even days, reviewing video when something has occurred, such […]

Response to ‘What will it take?’

Villagers Laura and Phil Rizzo and Joan Runyon attended the Trump rally in Ocala.

To the Editor What will it take to get you to give it up, Liberals, and accept your defeat?  I’m so sick and tired of hearing you complain that Donald Trump was elected.  In the first few weeks he has already done several of the things that he promised during his campaign – which NO […]

Bad drivers

Emergency personnel were on the scene of an accident Thursday night at County Road 466 and Morse Boulevard.

To the Editor: I was in my golf cart at Colony Plaza on March 20 returning to our home in Hemingway . I had bought some ice cream at Peach Way and was traveling on the road south of Publix. A lady turned in front of me and I locked my brakes and skidded probably […]

Parking lots in The Villages

The parking area was full Friday in the Vera Cruz Villas.

To the Editor: Large parking lots here in The Villages can sometimes be a challenge for us seniors without row signage. We wander around in the heat and cold trying to remember and find where we parked. Not easy with challenged walking and bad health, etc. Large mall parking lots outside The Villages have row signage […]

Cigarette butts

Cigarette butts

To the Editor: Personally, I don’t smoke, but if I did, I would not throw my butts in any place besides a trash receptacle or ash tray. It’s very discouraging to see people walk their dog (and pick up after their dogs mess) but then toss their butt in your yard. How disrespectful is that!!! […]

What do the polls really tells us?

Donald Trump

To the Editor: I see in the Letters to the Editor the selective use of poll numbers to support the writer’s position on Trump and his administration. However this person’s argument is illogical since the subject was Trump and his cabinet, yet the author used questionable polling numbers about Democrats. Evidently they have succumbed to […]

An open letter to the smokers

Cigarette butts

Dear Smokers: Please dispose of your cigar and cigarette butts in a proper receptacle and a proper receptacle is not our streets, sidewalks, or golf courses. Every time I walk I am amazed by the number of butts littering our streets.  I tried to count them one day and quit when I reached over 100. […]

Villages Hospital Emergency Room overload

The Villages Regional Hospital receives 'A' grade

To the Editor: Am I the only Village resident that believes we deserve better service than what The Villages Hospital Emergency Room provides? Example: This past Monday my mother-in-law needed emergency care for a knee condition and her orthopedic doctor was on vacation so we took her to the Villages Hospital Urgent Care. The Urgent […]

Bigger is not necessarily better

An overview of the Villages of Southern Oaks.

To the Editor: When we moved into The Village of Winifred in Sept., 2004 as one of its original “settlers”, there were roughly 40,000 residents of The Villages. Below CR-466, there was virtually nothing and, if memory serves, Lake Sumter Landing did not open for business until the following summer. To try and comprehend what […]