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Parking lot beggars

To the Editor: We were in the parking lot outside of TJ Maxx last Thursday and there were a crew of people approaching people walking and setting in the car begging for money. The sad thing is they had small children with them and it was very upsetting to see the small children being used. […]

Building 14,000 more homes!

To the Editor: The Villages was such a great place when I first moved here. We would go down to Spanish Springs every night and enjoy a glass of wine and a few dances. Now you can not even find a place to park, that goes for Sumter Landing and the others, also. The owners, […]

Congressman Daniel Webster’s visit

To the Editor: Isn’t it a shame that the Democrats continue to protest against the Trump presidency instead of giving him a chance to “make our country great again.” They, the protesting Democrats, are the ones keeping our country divided so don’t blame him for that! Ditto all the Democratic elected officials and news media […]

Ex-cons in The Villages

To the Editor: I am sure the Mommie of Devan LaRue thought she was doing the right thing by shielding her son from reality. This thug murderer should NEVER had been given her OK to stay with her!  He is a lost cause and will be looking for easy targets when the judicial system is finished […]

Immigration … perspective

To the Editor: The media and some readers here seem to be in a real froth over immigration moves that President Trump has announced. During President Clinton’s 8 years, 10 million were deported; during Pres. Bush’s two terms, 12 million. During Pres. Obama’s first term 3 million; then down to 1.5 million in the second […]

Let’s talk about the issues (Part 2)

To the Editor: It is very easy to agree with Dan Kapellen’s recent letter that discourages name calling and recommends that we discuss the serious issues that face our country. My only question is this: Where were his and similar voices eight years ago after Obama’s election? Eight precious years were lost because of Republican […]

Firefighters’ salary issue

To the Editor: Should the Union also help the firefighters by reducing their membership dues  by a percentage that maintains The Villages firefighters union dues at the same dollar amount as today before any raise? According to the union, The Villages must be hiring only inexperienced people who need training and will accept low pay. […]

Take your blinders off, people! 

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the 2/21/17 letter where the writer questions the need for the Affordable Care Act. That writer says all we need is Medicare for the retired folks, Medicaid for poor people, and free market for the rest. What the writer needs to understand is that prior to the […]

Let’s talk issues

To the Editor: Let’s get past the tit-for-tat of “Trump says/does this…”, “Obama said/did that…” and generate a discourse on our vision for the United States, for us, for our children and future generations. What do we want to see for Health Care Policy, for Immigration Policy, for Inner City Reform, for Education Reform, for […]

Not my president

To the Editor: All the libs who live in my country of America who write on their bodies “NOT MY PRESIDENT” should go to live in those countries where the government keeps its citizens poor, needy and sick so they can depend on them to take care of them. I do hope Soros and Obama […]

More on the meltdown

To the Editor: I could not agree more with the recent Letter to the Editor about President Trump’s “meltdown” on national television. In the first month of his “reign” he has continued his unwarranted and unsubstantiated diatribe and assault against Mexicans, Muslims, and even U.S. born American citizens. But to him, it is all the […]