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Complainer silences music at Caroline swimming pool


To the Editor: I recently moved to Mallory and was living in Caroline for the past five years. I love The Villages and especially the Mallory/Caroline pools. Recently a complaint was made due to music being played in the Caroline adult pool. The music is not offensive, it’s from the 60’s through 80’s, Elivis, Frank […]

Club name

Democratic donkey

To the Editor: Should it not be the DEMOCRAT CLUB as almost all of us believe in and are democratic. And might I add – wouldn’t it be wonderful if our Congress could look at matters with an eye toward making things better, less costly, and helpful for the MAJORITY instead of a handful of […]

Don’t hide behind the Compliance Department

A Community Standards vehicle.

To the Editor: When someone takes your freedom of expression, they are poor fools that are lost. People are proud of their homes and if someone has a complaint, they should confront them, not hide behind someone in the Compliance Department. These people should go to the pool and cool off. Robert Kerekes Village of […]

Thank you to my Guardian Angels

Publix at La Plaza Grande.

To the Editor: On Monday, July 10, I had an unexpected medical emergency while driving my car on Bichara Boulevard in The Villages. I slipped into unconsciousness while driving my car!  Very scary to say the least! Upon realizing what was happening, my Guardian Angels, in the form of strangers, came “out of nowhere” to […]

Village trolls

A Village of Buttonwood couple has until Wednesday to remove this decorative bird from their yard.

To the Editor: The Villages is no longer the place we fell in love with 10 years ago. Now we have “trolls.” We honestly have a community of people who have too much time on their hands, and they feel the need to make life as unpleasant for their neighbors as possible, in order to […]


Water Tower

To the Editor: With all the rains we are getting, The Villages said they have to drain some of the water off. Why are we still held to a 10 percent surcharge on water and can only water once a week? Since the water for the lawns comes from the retention ponds let us use […]

Young people and Villages crime

Sumter County sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant at 1902 Antonia Place.

To the Editor: It’s about time that The Villages amends its policy allowing younger sons/daughter/friends to live with parents. Appears that much of the crime and associated drug use is the result of these younger individuals co-habitating with mom and or dad. Maybe there needs to be a large fine imposed on the property owner […]