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10 percent surcharge for water conservation?


To the Editor: I believe that we all understand how important water conservation is particularly with a state like Florida where we depend primarily on rainfall to fill the aquifers.  What I don’t understand is why there will be a 10 percent surcharge on our water bills beginning with June 5, 2017. The Southwest Florida […]

Thank you to four special women

Villages Sign

To the Editor: On Tuesday, May 16, my husband and I were doing some yard work and trying to hang reflective tape to chase away the many Grackles in our trees and yard. While getting ready to hang the last high level tape, my husband was about seven feet up when his foot slipped on […]

Hooligan behaviour in the Villages

Villages sign

To the Editor: My husband and I enjoy walking on the multi-use paths in the Villages. We retired here because of the opportunity to walk, cycle and play! On Monday, we were walking along Hillsborough Trail on our way to Brownwood. While I was musing, as one does while walking, an orange golf cart with […]

No shortage of entitled residents in The Villages

Bad parking at Truman Recreation Center

To the Editor I am so sick of seeing people who feel entitled to do whatever they want and get away with the chaos they create. Clearly snowbirds and visitors from nearby towns don’t cause all the problems full-time residents blame them for. No shortage of entitled residents in The Villages. Judi Griffin Village of St. […]

Stop sign needed in Glenbrook

Village of Glenbrook

To the Editor: By and large The Villages communities have safe vehicle roads.  Buena Vista at Talley Ridge, Glenbrook Gate, is not one of them. I heard that a study was completed on installing a traffic light for safety purposes. I understand it was deemed not necessary. I do not have all of the particulars on this. However I […]

Liberal media’s coverage of President Trump


To the Editor: The mainstream media, the lapdogs of the Democratic Party, may be the biggest threat to our country, surpassing Russia, Iran, North Korea, or Radical Islamic Terrorism. The Washington Post and the New York Times continue to cite anonymous sources in their articles that continue to discredit this duly elected President.  The recent […]

Ad-hoc dog parks in The Villages

Dogs scamper at the unofficial dog park behind Rio Grande Family Pool in The Villages.

To the Editor: My family has been going to the retention pond near the The Villages Regional Hospital, and Freedom Pointe for months. It is a great group of responsible people, well behaved dogs, and one retired USAF veteran who cleans up after everyone, willingly, and no complaints. Our time there is a highlight of […]

Anti-Trump hysteria

Not all were there to support Donald Trump.

To the Editor: The current situation is simply amazing. We have all of the major media, all Democrats and many Republicans screaming for more investigations and blood is in the water. A number are calling for impeachment or jail. Interestingly no one knows the truth. No one has shown proof of crimes of anything done […]

Water restrictions and commercial pumping


To the Editor There is a severe drought. Yet, commercial pumping from our aquifers is permitted. This is ludicrous! Does anyone know where this money trail leads? Merely one day of pumping must be the equivalent of thousands and thousands of homes using water. I, for one, wish Mr. Morse would exercise his influence with […]

Election shame


To the Editor: I am 78 years old and I have never seen such a backlash after our democratic system of government by the people who exercised their right to speak. They spoke overwhelmingly in favor of TRUMP. However the losing party cannot let it go, and get over it. I am so ashamed of our country […]