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No penalties for Bad Parking

To the Editor: We keep seeing all the bad parking but, is anyone doing anything about it? It seems silly that we keep seeing the same thing over and over but nothing is being done about it.  How about giving tickets? Hire one person or two to do this. You can help the county earn […]

Donald Trump and Don Quixote

To the Editor: Apparently, Donald Trump likes to be unpleasant which is an early  sign of mental illness. Trump’s behavior begins to look a lot like the story about a crazy Spanish knight named Don Quixote. In the story of Don Quixote, the protagonist who  consistently misinterprets his own, his adversaries’, and his allies’ actions […]

White privilege here in ’The Bubble’

To the Editor: I assume that nearly everyone who lives in The Villages enjoys the benefits of Medicare and effective supplemental coverage for a reasonable cost. The advantages of white privilege abound here in “The Bubble.” If you voted for Donald Trump, understand that you contributed to the stripping of health insurance for millions of […]

Tweets from a Twit

To the Editor: So Trump tweeted to his daughter Monday night, “@Ivanka Trump is great, a woman with real character and class.”  Problem was, the account mentioned in the tweet belongs to Ivanka Majic, a British digital consultant.  Her answer was, as she said, “an opportunity.” She tweeted back, “And you’re a man with great […]

Simple solution to the issue at Lifelong Learning College?

To the Editor: My wife is hearing impaired and uses a Captel phone. I couldn’t imagine a simple solution such as this can’t be found. My wife had an appointment with her audiologist today so I asked for a recommendation. He suggested an app called “Speechlogger.” This appears to be program that would allow a teacher to […]

Better take an aspirin Marsha

To the Editor: In response to Marsha Shearer’s recent piece on Donald Trump (You can read it Shearer’s piece and the multitude of commentary it generated HERE.) Perhaps it would be good to take an aspirin and go to bed. For about at least four years. Don Valentine Village of Duval

A $2 flasher or a $5 flashlight could save your life

To the Editor: I am writing in response, and total agreement, to the letter to the editor this morning regarding safe walking. I usually walk early in the morning, before sun up, and often in the evening after sundown. I am always amazed by the number of people I encounter who are wearing dark clothing, and […]

Turn signals, always use them

To the Editor: Fellow Villagers, think back to Driver Ed 101. Use your turn signal when you are about to turn, so others that are driving or walking are aware of your intentions. I could keep going and the flow of traffic would not be congested if I knew you were about to turn. Please […]

Sue Michalson’s op-ed

To the Editor: I could not agree more with Steve Gordon’s letter concerning Sue Michalson’s op ed in the I too am ashamed to call Michalson a Jew as she is more of a radical anti-Semetic. I would like to know when Ms. Michalson ever showed disagreement when Arabs tortured and murdered Jews in […]