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Where’s Bing Crosby when you need him?

Bing Crosby

To the Editor: If I may paraphrase an old saying, “Where were you in 72?” There was a theatrer in New York named The Palladium. I went to an Acid Rock concert there in 72. You haven’t heard loud until you attended one of these shows! You didn’t know if you were going deaf or […]

Speed bumps help save lives

A golf cart approaches a speed bump near the entrance to the Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter.

To the Editor: Can’t imagine the guy who made the decision the speed bumps in front of our gate are annoying. (You can read story HERE) We at Bridgeport feel it helps save lives because so many carts fly in front of our cars as we enter our gate, at least the bumps help slow […]

Growth in The Villages is not great


To the Editor: The Daily Sun heralds growth in The Villages as the best thing since sliced bread. But, the developer and its Daily Sun cheerleaders never mention the awful downside. You think roads are clogged now – wait until 30,000 new residents arrive. The unmerciful clogging of streets will demand wider roads, new interchanges, by-passes, […]

Wasting too much water


To the Editor I love The Villages!  I love all the ponds, golf courses, vegetation, and beautiful houses. I hope The Villages will always be this beautiful. My biggest waste of water at my house is waiting for the hot water to reach the shower, dishwasher, or sinks for washing hands.  We lived in Buffalo – […]

Couple in medical facility needs help

Weeds have been growing at this home on San Antonio Lane.

To the Editor: The Villages is the “Friendliest Home Town”…. so says all the billboards unless, that is, if you are in need of assistance. The Hacienda couple who are in a medical facility need help not fines! Shame on both their neighbors and The Villages for not stepping in and giving them a hand while […]

Where’s the compassion?

Weeds have been growing at this home on San Antonio Lane.

To the Editor: How can we get more info on the situation on San Antonio Lane in the Village of Palo Alto? (See story HERE)  Shame on the person who filed the complaint and shame on The Villages for even considering fining this couple in this situation! I, and I’m certain others, would be willing […]

Couple in medical facility

Weeds have been growing at this home on San Antonio Lane.

To the Editor: Maybe this couple doesn’t have any family to help out. (See story HERE.) We don’t know when our day is coming and hard times facing us. Perhaps Alzheimers and Dementia afflicting them and don’t know what is going on. That could be YOU someday finding yourself in a nursing home and your […]

Water usage below County Road 466


To the Editor: Residents ABOVE 466 use potable (drinking water) to irrigate their lawns, shrubs, plants, etc.  Although I can’t figure out why they are still watering established palms and shrubs and then planting annuals that need more water to get established and stay nice. Residents BELOW 466 and 466A us storm water run off […]

Can’t neighbors be friendly?

Weeds have been growing at this home on San Antonio Lane.

What on earth is the matter with the residents of the Village of Palo Alto in “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown”?  The owners of this house are in a medical facility, completely unable to care for their yard, and you are complaining about a few palm fronds and overgrown grass? And how is it going to help […]

Overuse of water south of County Road 466


To the Editor: We live in a patio villa in the Village of Fernandina. It’s just my husband and I here and we are very careful about our water usage. We are also sure there are no water leaks, and yet we receive letters regularly saying that we are using much more water than the […]

Will The Villages turn into a ghost town?

Paradise Lake Waterfall

To the Editor: Here we go again. Please explain how we can allow 20+ thousand new houses and a water bottle plant if in fact there is a water shortage? Does The Villages one day turn into a ghost town, palm fronds blowing down the deserted streets.  Or perhaps there really is no water shortage, […]