Affordable Care Act has been everything but affordable

Congressman Daniel Webster

Over the past weeks and months, I have met with numerous hospital representatives, healthcare providers and constituents in our communities. Congress’ goal is to ensure there will be a stable transition to a better health care system. The Affordable Care Act has been everything but affordable and is collapsing across the country, raising costs for patients […]

Florida House is playing politics with families’ jobs

Gov. Rick Scott

The Florida House of Representatives has decided to push legislation to undo economic development funding in Florida and defund our state’s tourism agency.  That’s correct, many of your elected members of the Florida House have decided their top priority this year is to eliminate funding for Florida’s economy.  They want to eliminate Visit Florida and […]

Hank Williams and Spina Bifida

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Hank Williams was one of the America’s most influential singers and songwriters, with 11 number-one and 35 Top-10 songs on the Western Best Sellers list.  In a recording career that lasted only six years, he wrote and performed classics we still hear today such as “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “Hey Good Lookin’,” “I Saw the Light”, […]

Simple tips to keep your home safe

Lady Lake Police Chief Chris McKinstry

Remember – Light it UP! Many people ask, how can I keep my house safe from potential burglars?   Here are a few tips about home security lighting to help prevent break-ins to your home: Keep the outside of your home well lit!  Keeping the outside of your home well lit can help to deter […]


Barry Evans

One of my favorite books, is John Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations.  The edition that I have was published in 1955, so quite a few of the quotations are not so familiar now.  Now some may recall the quote, “Taxation without representation is tyranny” which is attributed to good old James Otis with the claim that he […]

Denzel Washington’s age greatest barrier in film version of ‘Fences’

Jack Petro

Denzel Washington commits the cardinal sin in theater. Never, ever direct a production where you are the leading actor. It is impossible to see yourself critically as a performer. “Fences” by August Wiilson won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for best Broadway Drama starring Washington and co-star Viola Davis.  The same duo appears in the movie, but […]

Ron Lester and morbid obesity

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Ron Lester was a Hollywood actor who became famous for playing Billy Bob, the 500-pound high school football player in the 1999 blockbuster movie, Varsity Blues.   He also starred on the WB Television series, Popular.   At age 30, after his massive obesity had caused him to have four arthroscopic knee surgeries and two “mild” […]

Turning 60

Barry Evans

We just had a somewhat unusual happening in our neighborhood the other day.  One of the neighbors turned 60.  Personally, I felt sorry for the poor guy.  He is an athlete, and I think that he knows that by the time you reach 60, you have lost 10-15% of your muscle mass.  However, I do […]

I voted for Trump because immigration is a very high priority

William Francis

Many Americans and I voted for Donald Trump because immigration is a very high priority for resolution. I support what he is doing to protect our homeland. America MUST be able to control its borders including who and how many refugees/immigrants are allowed to enter the country. Without this control there is no America. Many on the […]

The hidden epidemic of early diabetes

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Many people with high blood sugar levels are told by their doctors that they do not have diabetes because their fasting blood sugar levels are below 100 mg/dl, which is considered normal. Early in the disease, diabetics often have a “normal” fasting blood sugar, but one hour after they eat, their blood sugar levels rise […]

Only mothers follow directions

Barry Evans

Some years back when the kids were young, The Blonde in the House gave me a tee shirt.  When we would go out together and I would wear it, the other wives would look at her and give her the “thumbs up” sign.  This particular shirt had a rendering of a Dad putting together a […]