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“Churchill” tracks personal conflicts in wartime June 1944

Jack Petro

Considered one of the most successful and popular politicians of all times, Sir Winston Churchill held fast the British Isles during the Nazi onslaught beginning in 1939.  The current movie unfortunately skips this era where Churchill molded the image of the “V sign,” index and middle finger, as a symbol of defiance. Instead we find […]

Temple Shalom to present Villages Philharmonic Orchestra Benefit Symphonic Voices Concert   

Pasquale Valerio

Temple Shalom is hosting a summer concert benefit called “Symphonic Voices” performed by select members of the Villages Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Pasquale Valerio. The performance showcases Guest Philharmonic Soloists Soprano Sean Stork (Baritone), Mark Antonio de Villiers (Tenor) and Samantha Barnes Daniel (Soprano) with Julian Bond (Pianist) playing wonderful selections from Opera to Broadway. […]

Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack Petro

Johnny Depp once was Hollywood’s highest-paid actor. His run as Captain Jack Sparrow in “Dead Men Tell No Tales” is number five in the franchise series and the role is easily within his grasp. Sparrow and his ship Trident are having a tough time combatting ghost sailors bent on killing pirates. He forms an unlikely […]