Amphetamines found in supplements

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration scientists tested 21 “all natural” supplements claiming to help weight loss, increase energy and stabilize mood, and found that nine of them contained manufactured amphetamines (Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, November 2013). Manufactured amphetamines are found nowhere in nature and therefore cannot be “natural”. It is incredible that […]

Mid-Life fitness and diet habits improve quality of life

Several recent studies show that it is never too late to make lifestyle changes that will improve the quality of your life in your later years. • 18,670 men and women, average age of 49 years were tested for fitness by their ability to continue exercising on a treadmill. Increasing levels of fitness were associated […]

Calculate your fitness age

VO2max can be used to predict a person’s risk of premature death from a heart attack. Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have developed a simple way to estimate a person’s VO2max, his maximal ability to take in and use oxygen (Med Sci Sports Exerc, November 2011;43(11):2024-30). The researchers had 4637 healthy […]

Nuts associated with reduced risk for diabetes

Nuts are full of fat, but it appears that eating nuts does not increase risk for obesity or diabetes. Almost 1000 people who did not have diabetes or metabolic syndrome were followed for six years. Those who ate nuts at least twice a week were 32 percent less likely to develop metabolic syndrome than those […]

Intensity more important than duration

How fast you move throughout the day is more important for preventing weight gain than how long you move. Every minute per day spent engaging in high-intensity movement is associated with a five percent decreased chance for obesity in women, and a two percent decrease in men. Researchers measured duration and intensity of physical activity […]

The Potassium Deficiency Myth

Sports drink promoters have convinced many athletes that they need special drinks to replace potassium during exercise. A study of female soccer players confirms that this is a myth (International Journal of Sports Medicine, June 2009). When body levels of potassium are low, the kidneys and sweat glands conserve potassium so effectively that potassium deficiency […]

One drink per day linked to increased cancer risks

The authors reviewed 222 articles, following 92,000 light drinkers and 60,000 non-drinkers, and showed that taking up to one alcoholic drink a day is associated with increased risk for cancer of the mouth and throat, esophagus and breast (Annals of Oncology, Feb 2013; 24(2):301-308). In 2007, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on […]

Why older people need more sunshine

A study from the University of Warwick in England shows that more time in the sun can help older people avoid diabetes and heart attacks (Diabetes Care, July 2009). They evaluated 3,262 people aged 50-70 years old in Beijing and Shanghai, China, and found that 94 percent were low in vitamin D and 42 percent […]

Alarming rate of obesity-linked deaths

Being overweight was associated with 20 percent of all deaths among adults from 1986 through 2006 in the United States (Am J Public Health, published online August 15, 2013). The association is higher in women than in men. Excess weight was associated with twenty-seven percent of the deaths of black women, 22 percent of white […]

Added sugars shorten lives of mice

When mice were fed a diet that had 25 percent added sugars, an amount considered safe and consumed by many Americans, the females died at twice the normal rate and the males were less likely to reproduce or hold territory (Nature Communications, published online August 13, 2013). The National Research Council and The United States […]

Be careful about exposure to sun

If you use sunscreens, be sure to reapply them frequently. Many sunscreens contain the filters octylmethoxycinnamate, benzophenone-3 or octocrylene, which reflect ultra violet rays away from your skin to protect it only when they are on the surface of the skin. However, when these sunscreens are absorbed and the skin is not re-coated, they increase […]

Couple shares belief in healthy lifestyle

Gabe and Diana Mirkin ride their tandem bicycle.

You’ve probably seen Gabe and Diana Mirkin riding their tandem bicycle in The Villages. Perhaps, you’ve been in your golf cart heading the opposite direction. The Village of Bridgeport at Laurel Valley couple routinely rides two to three hours a day. It’s an important part of their overall fitness routine. Fitness is something 78-year-old Dr. […]