Al Capone: Crime does not pay

The king of Chicago prostitution lost both his mind and his life to diseases caused by a lifetime of promiscuous sex. He was probably America’s most famous killer, gangster, bootlegger, criminal and racketeer, but the United States government could convict him only for tax evasion and he was sentenced to only 11 years in prison. […]

Sugar added to foods linked to heart attack risk

By Gabe Mirkin, MD Many epidemiologic studies have suggested that high intake of added sugars is associated with increased heart attack risk factors (JAMA, April, 2010;21;303(15):1490-7). This month, a report from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey shows that eating sugar-added foods and drinks is associated with increased deaths from heart attacks (JAMA Internal […]

Inspiration for your weight-loss journey

Maryann Holden

At some point on your weight loss journey it is only natural to feel like giving up, everyone feels this way, especially in the first few weeks.   It is important to remember that every time you feel like giving up but you stay strong and committed to your goals that when you get through it […]

The sad story of Karen Carpenter

By Dr. Gabe Mirkin Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard sang together to form “The Carpenters”, one of the leading singing groups in the 1970s. When she died of heart failure at age 32, she made the world painfully aware of a disease called anorexia nervosa. Dieting by Age 16 Karen was born in 1950 […]

Food is more than what you find on your plate

Maryann Holden

Food is more than what you find on your plate. Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career and a spiritual practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When primary food is balanced and satiated, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary. Remember when, as a child, you were […]

Dangers of third-hand smoke

By Gabe Mirkin, MD Researchers from the University of California-Riverside have shown that mice exposed to third-hand smoke suffered liver damage to cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that markedly increases risk for diabetes, cancer and heart attacks. The third-hand smoke caused lung damage and kept wounded skin from healing properly. It also raised cholesterol and […]

How does stress impact your health?

Maryann Holden

There are many different kinds of stress out there, from emotional, to financial and environmental. What is it doing to our body? Stress is the number one body breaker and it is destroying us today. The reason we have accelerated rates of cancer and autoimmune disease is because this stress is changing, not only the […]

Eat fish, not fish oil pills

By Dr. Gabe Mirkin North Americans spent more than $1.2 billion last year for fish oil pills. A testing company called LabDoor found that, of 30 brands of fish oil pills, six contained less than 30 percent of what the labels claimed. At least a dozen brands contained lower levels of the most potent fish oils that […]

Benefit from a body cleanse

Maryann Holden

Body cleanses work on the principle of removing toxic substances from the digestive system. These cleanses can help improve the stomach, intestines, kidneys and other organs. Many cleanses rely on special dietary formulas, supplements or body cleanse beverages to remove toxins from the system and help it reset itself. Body cleanses have been used for […]

John von Neumann, father of the computer revolution

By Gabe Mirkin, MD  John von Neumann made major discoveries in more different fields of mathematics than any other mathematician in the history of the world. During World War II, he was the person most responsible for the method used to detonate the atom bomb. After WW II, he started the whole computer revolution and […]

Impotence linked to heart attack risk

By Gabe Mirkin, MD Two recent studies show that men who are impotent are at increased risk for heart attacks and should immediately change their lifestyles to help prevent a future heart attack. Men who are impotent usually have blood tests indicating high risk for heart attacks: higher levels of the bad LDL cholesterol and […]

Questionable safety of weight loss supplements

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D. The widely-advertised supplement Garcinia cambogia has not been shown to help people lose weight and keep it off, and may not even be safe. The main ingredient is extracted from the rusty-red fruit of a small tree that grows in Asia. Its rind contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that is a laxative; […]

Remembering running guru Jim Fixx

By Dr. Gabe Mirkin It appeared incredible that at age 52, running guru Jim Fixx had died of a heart attack after his daily run in Hardwick, Vermont (July 20, 1984). He was the guy who made running popular, healthful, and desirable. He sold more than a million copies of his book The Complete Book […]