More good news about nuts and peanuts

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Several recent articles show that eating tree nuts or peanuts with a high-fat or high-sugar meal prevents the expected high rise in blood factors that increase risk for the inflammation that can lead to diabetes, heart attacks or strokes. • Three ounces of ground peanuts that contain 198 kcal taken with a high-fat meal prevented […]

Bicycling is the most dangerous professional sport

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Italian cyclist Michele Scarponi was killed by a truck on April 22, 2017.  At age 37, he was at the peak of his career as a professional bicycle racer.  He won the opening stage of the Tour of the Alps in Trento, Italy, eventually finished fourth in that tour, returned home that night, and went […]

What you need to know about energy drinks

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Energy drinks can raise blood pressure and may cause irregular heartbeats, according to a new study conducted at Travis Air Force Base in California (Journal of the American Heart Association, April 26, 2017;6(5)). This extremely well-planned, performed and controlled study shows that two hours after drinking 32 ounces (four cups) of a popular energy drink, […]

What killed Mario Lanza at age 38?

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

On October 7, 1959, singer Mario Lanza died suddenly at age 38 of a heart attack just as he was getting ready to check out of a medical clinic in Rome.  He didn’t mean to kill himself, but his entire adult life was full of behaviors and actions that are known to cause heart attacks, […]

What killed Babe Ruth at age 53?

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Babe Ruth was arguably the greatest baseball player who ever lived. When he retired from baseball in 1935, he held the record for most home runs (714), had a batting average of .342, batted in 2,213 runs, had a slugging percentage of 690, got on base 47.4 percent of the time he batted, scored 2,174 […]

Artificial sweeteners, strokes and dementia

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

People who take one diet soda a day are nearly three times more likely than non-diet soda drinkers to suffer a stroke or to become demented (Stroke, April 20, 2017), Both sugar drinkers and artificial-sweetener drinkers were at increased risk for having smaller brains and advanced brain aging. The study shows only an association between […]

Leesburg Regional Medical Center first in Central Florida to offer naturally dissolving heart stent

Dr. Srinivas Attanti

The interventional cardiology team at Leesburg Regional Medical Center recently became the first in Central Florida to offer patients with coronary artery disease a new treatment option. Dr. Srinivas Attanti implanted a patient last week with the world’s first FDA-approved dissolving heart stent. The Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold is a major advance in the treatment […]

Treat diabetes with diet and exercise

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Recent studies show that the high blood sugar of diabetes is caused by excess fat in: • the liver (JAMA, February 14, 2017), • the muscles (J Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, April 2017) and • the pancreas ((Diabetes Care, December 2015). Diabetes can be treated and often cured with: • exercise that removes fat from […]

Villages EMS training captain to address hearing loss group in The Villages

Kara Watts

The Hearing Loss Association of America – Central Florida Chapter will  hold its next meeting at 1 p.m. Tuesday, May 2  at the Churchill Street  Recreation Center.  The guest speaker will be Kara Watts, EMS training captain, with the Villages Public Safety Department. She will provide information on the fire departments health and safety program. The room is […]

Local employees of Greystone Health Network honored

Several local associates with Greystone Health Network have been honored as 2016 associates of the year. They are Patience James from Lady Lake Specialty Care Center, Tasleem Serrano from The Club Health and Rehabilitation Center, Therese Alfred from The Lodge Health and Rehabilitation Center, Robert Zeunik from The Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center and Chris […]

Why Sylvester Graham rejected white flour

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Almost two hundred years ago, Reverend Sylvester Graham was treated by the scientific community as a nut because he claimed that white flour was a poison.  Today we know that even though he had no knowledge of nutrition, he was really a prophet.  He did not make his recommendations because white flour lacks essential nutrients, […]

No amount of overweight is healthful

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

This week, researchers at Boston University and Harvard reviewed three studies following more than 225,000 adults over age 50, for eight to twenty years, and showed that being even slightly overweight can increase your risk of dying by 6 percent, and in those who are obese, by a whopping 73 percent (Annals of Internal Medicine, […]