Woman snared in summer prostitution sting lands back behind bars

Heather Dawn Douglass

A 32-year-old woman snared in a summer prostitution at the Sleep Inn in Wildwood has landed back behind bars. Heather Dawn Douglass had been arrested by Sumter County sheriff’s deputies on Aug. 4 along with several others who had posted sexually suggestive photos under the adult escorts section of the website, www.backpage.com. An undercover detective […]

Golf carts vs. vehicles resulted in four deaths in 2016

An emergency worker surveys the damage after a Cadillac SUV struck a golf cart on the multi-modal path along County Road 466A.

Three accidents in which vehicles collided with golf carts resulted in a total of four deaths in 2016. It was the No. 2 story of 2016 in The Villages. In January, Jeremiah Bullen of the Village of Buttonwood suffered a heart attack moments before his car collided with a golf cart at the Tarpon Boil Executive […]

Trump Train ran through The Villages on way to White House

Stan Swies of the Village of Palo Alto took on the role of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s improbable presidential bid enjoyed plenty of support here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown. It was the No. 3 story of 2016 in The Villages. Loud and proud Trump supporters stormed into the GOP Presidential Straw Poll in February at Savannah Center and shouted down would-be supporters of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and other Republican contenders […]

Villagers infuriated by decision to shut Lifelong Learning College


It was announced in early December that the Villages Lifelong Learning College would be shut down as the result of an Americans Disabilities Act lawsuit filed by a group of Villagers. The announcement set off a firestorm of criticism and complaints by the thousands of Villagers who have taken advantage of the college through the […]

26-year-old man beat to death in town square

Austin Stevens

On a warm night in June at Spanish Springs Town Square, taunting, punching and kicking would permanently alter the futures of three young men. It was the No. 5 story of 2016 in The Villages. Austin Stevens, 26, who had been cleaning up at McCall’s Tavern, opted to chase down teens who had hurled insults at […]

Villagers with guns inspired by passion

A Village of Hadley man who was admittedly infatuated with his neighbor lady, remains held without bond following his arrest in June after he allegedly fired more than 30 rounds into her home. He was intoxicated at the time of the shooting. His wife has filed for divorce. The victim filed for a court order […]

Villagers to foot bill for $1.7 million Morse bridge project


Villagers living in Community Development Districts 5 through 10 were furious when they learned they would be footing the bill for $1.7 million project to shore up the embankment of the Morse Boulevard bridge. The project is being funded through the Project Wide Advisory Committee. We’ve got more information HERE It was the No. 8 […]