Chip shot on a downslope

Chip shot on a downslope

Mark shows us all how to address your ball when it has a lie on a embankment, hill, etc., and provides tips on how your stance needs to be adjusted to drive the ball correctly on a downward slope. Mark will be hosting a free clinic on Chipping Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. […]

The role of hips and legs in your backswing

The role of hips and legs in your backswing

Authorized Stack and Tilt ® instructor Mark Panigoni discusses the role of your hips and legs in the backswing. Straightening your right leg will make your swing stress free and less complicated! Mark is hosting a free clinic on Wednesday January 8, 2013 at 4:00 P.M. on Chipping and Pitching at the Miona Lake Golf Club. To receive […]

Putting and Back Pain

Putting and Back Pain

PGA pro Mark Panigoni discusses why people often break their wrists when putting and he gives options to fix the problem. Click on the video/link below to get some pointers! And for those of you interested in getting some pointers on how to swing without causing backpain, Mark will be hosting a free clinic on Thursday, […]

Downswing: Maintain your hands/wrist for a better swing

Mark goes over maintaining the angle of your wrist in your downswing

Rotation, rotation, ROTATION: Something you want to avoid in your downswing. Mark goes over the importance of maintaining the angle of your hands and wrist to ensure that on your downswing, you get the exact draw and shot that you should. Click on Mark’s instructional video below! And for those of you interested in getting […]

Trying to stay down is your biggest mistake

Trying to stay down is your biggest mistake

Ever been told that your shot got away from you because you didn’t keep your eye on the ball (i.e., you didn’t stay down on the ball)? Mark goes over why staying down on the ball is not necessarily the best way to follow-through on the ball. Click on the video below or the link […]

Sand Traps: Get out of the bunker quicker

Bunker Shot - MPanigoni

All of us have been there. Hit what you think is a great shot, and get buried in the sand! Mark shows us video of one of the world’s greatest golfer’s and goes over the proper way to get out of the bunker. There are a few easy steps to ensure that you are not […]

Mark Panigoni, PGA Professional Instructor, joins

Mark Panigoni

Mark Panigoni, a PGA Professional Instructor with a unique certification in the “Stack & Tilt” system, has joined as our resident golf professional. Mark will provide instructional videos and columns to help everyone reduce swing-related back pain and improve their game. Mark has extensive experience in training and teaching methods to eliminate back pain, […]

Villages Match Play narrows to final eight

Villages Match Play Invitational Golf Tournament has narrowed the field down to the final eight. Thursday’s results are as follows: • Greg Hightman defeated Bill Jones • Ed Fletcher defeated Ron Cooper • Dan Chiappetta defeated Tom Vail • Ron Clark defeated Wayne Morris. The semi-final round will be played at Cane Garden on Tuesday […]

Overseeding begins in The Villages Oct. 1

During the fall months the golf division completes a process known as over-seeding. Bermuda grass thrives during the spring and summer months when Florida experiences high temperatures; however, it goes dormant in the winter months when the temperatures turn cooler. To improve course conditions and the overall appearance, a variety of winter grass seed is […]

Palmer Legends extends their lead in the Village Cup to 10-6

Herb Smaltz teeing off on the first hole of Pensacola in his match Tuesday.

The second round of the Village Cup is in the books. Palmer won 5 matches to 3 as they did in the first round, extending their lead to 10-6. Results of Tuesday’s matches: Freedman/Torres (PL) defeated Meo/Goodyear(OB) 3&2 Foshee/Schuler(PL) Halved Thomas/Borella(OB) Smaltz/Wade(PL) defeated Myers/Emerson(OB) Cundiff/Lee(PL) defeated Busser/Hartness(OB) Perkins/Paul(OB) defeated Miller/Salubayba(PL) Trivett/Hoerner(PL) Halved Nelson/Windsor(OB) Hilliard/Kightlinger(OB) defeated […]