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Sports news, sporting information and events in The Villages, Florida. Softball, golf, pickleball, tennis, shuffleboard in The Villages, Florida. Information on pre and post game festivities for national sports in The Villages, Florida. Local runs, charity walks, and more activities in The Villages and surrounding communities.

Division Four News

-Joe Sanchez reporting FALL ’14 SEASON DATES:         Signups end on July 30         Draft: August 12         August 25 and 28: team practices         Thursday, September 4:  ...

Division 3 Action: BEARS 24 TITANS 12

  -John Wyks, Titans manager, reporting -photos by Sal Riggio The Titans ran into Da Bears this morning and almost got mercied.  Lost 24-12.  They had us...


-Joe Sanchez reporting -photos by Sal Riggio July 17, 2014 Results   WARRIORS & KNICKS WIN AND STAY IN TITLE BATTLE BOBCATS END TEN GAME LOSING STREAK SUNS WIN...

Division 4 Action: BOBCATS 15 BULLS 14

-Sal Riggio, Bobcats manager, reporting BOBCATS RALLY FOR BIG WIN DeFONTES DEALS WALKOFF HIT The Bobcats roared back with twelve runs in the seventh inning from a...


12 RUN LAST INNING ENDS BOBCAT SKID The Bobcats beat the Bulls 15-14 with a dozen runs in the bottom of the seventh inning and a...

Central Florida League (CFL) Action

-Ed Walker, CFL Commissioner, reporting -photos by Sal Riggio MULBERRY WINS DOUBLEHEADER ELIMINATES #1 SEED SYNERGY ADVANCES TO THE SEMIFINALS   #8MULBERRY 15 #9IHOP 3 Mulberry had an easy time...

Division Four Action

-Joe Sanchez reporting -photos by Sal Riggio JULY 14 RESULTS: BULLS 7, WARRIORS 5 BULLS: A loss would have eliminated the Bulls from the pennant race and...

Central Florida League (CFL) Action

Today's Central Florida League post season tournament results.  -John Wyks Statistician reporting -photos by Sal Riggio SEED #8 MULBERRY IM UPSETS #1 SEED SYNERGY WEALTH Today's Scores: #8...

Cavanaugh’s Caricature Corner

-Art by Jerry Cavanaugh -posted by Sal Riggio Arnie Bott Bill Maffia Bob Richards Dan Salvatore Gene Schwenk Jerry Boettcher

Division 3 Action: TITANS-9 STEELERS-4

-John Wyks, Titans manager, reporting After giving up 4 runs in the early innings the Titans nibbled their way back and went ahead 6-4 and...

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