CDD 2 residents cheer board chair’s announcement about little white crosses

Residents of Community Development District 2 were relieved Thursday evening when they learned that white crosses are not under threat at their residences.

A big crowd filled the Ashley-Wilkes Room at Savannah Center, many of them there because of the white crosses controversy in The Villages.

At the onset of the meeting, CDD 2 Chairman John Blum announced that white crosses are not at risk of removal in the district as it does not have deed restrictions against lawn ornaments.

“We don’t have the white crosses issue, other districts do,” said CDD 2 Supervisor Barton Zoellner.

He added that the CDD arrangement is valuable because it gives residents “a much closer voice in government.”

Zoellner encouraged residents to read their deed restrictions and know what is expected of them as residents of CDD 2.

Between Jan. 1, 2016 and Jan. 30, 2017, Community Standards received 310 lawn ornament complaints of which 87 were for crosses in other areas of The Villages. One of those cross complaints was lodged against Larry and Rose Kehoe in the Village of Gilchrist. You can read more about their reaction HERE

Controversy about the white crosses helped drive attendance at Thursday’s CDD 2 town hall meeting. A few residents walked out after Blum’s announcement, which drew an enthusiastic round of applause. However, the vast majority of residents stayed for the supervisors’ entire presentation which covered other topics including CDD 2’s finances and investments.

Richard and Glenda Capuano moved to The Villages from Chicago in 2008. They live in the Village of Santo Domingo and have had a white cross in their yard since 2015. It was given to them by a neighbor.

“We are glad we came and heard for ourselves that we won’t have to remove our white cross,” Richard Capuano said.


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  1. Keith Oster says

    what are the crosses for? I mean is it your way of showing others that you are a Christian family? I seriously doubt God has a dog in this fight and knows already where you stand.

  2. Carl Fielder says

    I like the white crosses. However, I don’t like all the Landscaping, windows, or whatever advertising they choose to put on the lawns in front of the homes.

    I have noticed on Hillsbourgh that some have been there for over a month. Aren’t they supposed to take these down after 3 days? I saw one home that has spent thousands of dollars to have their landscaping and a pool put in. This was done in January and the sign for who did the work is still in front of the residence.

    If you can’t put up a real estate sign, why can businesses put up promotional signs. On Hillsbourgh a CVS sign has been there for 2 months.

        • Deena Graves Kerridge says

          We live in the none restricted area, and I see nothing that I find objectionable. Seems everyone here has good taste. I will admit that there used to be life-size statues down the side of one house of Snow White and all 7 dwarfs when we first moved here, but those people sold and took them with them. They were well kept up, just not my cup of tea!

  3. Matthew Nichols says

    Let’s hope this is only an isolated case of blatantly ignoring the deed restrictions. The CDD 2 decision could have opened the gates to a deluge of other “lawn ornaments,” all shapes and sizes. Can the parade of charming Lawn Gnomes and Pink Flamingos be far behind? Who’s to say no? Not the CDD 2 decision. The growing number of “Little White Crosses” say yes, yes, yes! Where do we draw the line? Which other deed restrictions do we simply ignore? Throw them all out?

    • Barbara Wintrow says

      Matthew, they are not ignoring the deed restrictions. Read the story again. CDD 2 does not have ANY deed restrictions against lawn ornaments. Thank God there are few districts like that.

  4. Larry Hartman says

    How do you people have that much time on your hands to worry about little white crosses on someone’s lawn ? I really envy you.
    Ever here of the word nebb-sh*t’s,

  5. Nabila Patel says

    I have no doubt that those of you applauding the display of crosses, will be happy as neighbors compete to see how many they can put up…maybe one for each day of the year would be a good idea. I assume there’s no restriction as to size. And I also have no doubt that you’ll be happy to see Jewish Stars of David and Muslim Crescents appear as well. Folks, this is a mistake.

  6. Bill Williams says

    OK folks, another problem solved in Florida’s Friendliest Home Town, time to relax and applaud. Watch out for those ACLU folks, I hear they don’t like white crosses, or any kind of crosses.

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