CDD 6 supervisors vote to remove controversial speed bumps


Community Development District 6 supervisors on Friday morning voted to remove some controversial speed bumps on the multi-modal paths in The Villages.

The speed bumps to be removed are located near the entrance to the Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter and near a starter shack located near a tunnel at Mallory Hill Country Club.

A golf cart approaches a speed bump at the gate to the Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter.
A golf cart approaches a speed bump at the gate to the Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter.

Before voting on the matter, supervisors received a recommendation from the District’s engineer, Richard Busche of Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc.

“Speed bumps are very, very effective at what they are designed to do. They are not designed to slow you down. They are designed to stop you. They are 100 percent effective,” Busche said.

He said all users of the multi-modal path, including walkers, joggers and bicyclists, must be considered.      

“Those people have just as much right to be on those trails as everybody else,” Busche said.

A golf cart passes by the gate at the entrance to the Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter.
A golf cart passes by the gate at the entrance to the Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter.

Speed bumps are a trip hazard for walkers and joggers. They are also problematic for bicyclists, he said.

“There is no safe speed bump for a bicycle or pedestrian,” Busche said.

He recommended that the speed bumps be removed.

Some supervisors expressed reservations.

“Those speed bumps have been in place quite a while. My concern goes to safety. I think if you take them out, you are going to have some problems,” Supervisor John Calandro said of the speed bumps at the entrance to the Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter. “I am reluctant to remove them.”

CDD 6 Chair Sally Moss said she was on the board back in 2007 when the speed bumps were approved at Bridgeport at Lake Sumter.

“It was controversial then,” she said.

A golf cart travels over a speed bump as it prepares to descend into a tunnel near Mallory Hill Country Club.
A golf cart travels over a speed bump as it prepares to descend into a tunnel near Mallory Hill Country Club.

The board learned from Sam Wartinbee of District Property Management that there are plans to relocate the exit gate operator at that location by the end of next week. You can read more about the history of that gate HERE

With that in consideration, the board voted unanimously to remove those speed bumps.

The board split 3-2 in favor of the removal of the speed bump located near the starter shack at the tunnel near Mallory Hill Country Club. Supervisors Calandro and Linda Grzesik voted against the measure.

The board members in support of the removal of that speed bump cautioned that there should be coordination with the golf division on properly marking the area so that carts coming from the golf course know they should yield to traffic on the multi-modal path.



  1. Speed bumps are proven to be a negative when it comes to speed control. The same ‘special people’ that don’t care about anyone or anything, will ignore these bumps, enjoy the sudden uplift and drop, as if they were on a roller coaster. The only way to manage speed, stop signs, boozers behind the wheel is to pay the sheriff department to cover these areas. Another community pay’s $40 per hour for coverage when they feel the need for an off duty officer, that can legally write the tickets, of which he/she does rather well.

  2. More silliness at The Villages. There should be more speed bumps installed not removed. Golf Cart traffic is fast and heavy enough to warrant better traffic control. Walkers and bicycles are a secondary issue on the modal paths. Secondly, walkers should have no problem stepping over the small bumps anywhere on the modal path. In particular the Mallory Tunnel to “Virginia” is dangerous without the speed bump.

    Someday maybe the USA will stop worrying about every minority whine on every issue and again use commonsense. What is next worry over hoverboard riders and roller skaters?

    • You are so right. The speed bumps are needed here. Even with the speed bumps people on golf carts don’t stop for the residents entering and leaving this area. They completely ignore the signs that say Stop for vehicular traffic. Some try to beat the cars going through the gates. I think the speed bumps were put there for a good reason.

  3. I’m not involved in any way but this seems like such an easy matter to keep everyone safe.

    If there was a 2 foot gap in the middle of the speed bump walkers and bicycles could pass safely and carts would still need to slow or stop. This is such an easy fix that I must be missing something as engineers and other talented individuals are involved I ride motorcycle and have been in many parks and areas all across America and most have an opening in the middle to accommodate riders and it always works well.

    Just my thoughts but as vote is over probably of no value.

  4. now, they just need to move the “eye”/sensor that opens the gate for the bridgeport exit… ALL the other “eyes”/ sensors are very close to the arm… you just about have to STOP before it goes up… at bridgeport, it is way, way back, so those exiting not only do not have to STOP, they can PICK UP SPEED… i am a college drop out, with bad eyes, and i can see this

    • LiZa, you are spot on. Not only “can” they pick up speed….I have observed on numerous occasions, when residents leaving Bridgeport, aggressively speed up as if trying to crash into golf carts on purpose. Everyone beware, it is not an issue with speed bumps, it’s an issue with aggressive automobile drivers.

  5. I hope I misunderstood the paragraph saying that they were moving the exit gate to the same position as the entrance gate. If they do that, cars will not be stopping prior to the multi modal path as they exit, so cars will just be driving through and golf carts will have to be extremely careful when crossing that road. I can picture golf carts and automobiles colliding there frequently. Not a good idea. Where the gate arm is now, the carts can see if it is going up and then drive accordingly, but if it is moved, it won’t be a good thing.

    • Yes you did misunderstand the information. The exit arm is under construction and is moved out to the other side of the entrance sign, but before the cart path. Hopefully, everyone will be alerted when the gate arm rises to be cautious, especially now that the bumps are to be removed. There is a STOP sign bollard midway through the entrance for those coming through from the South. Many just keep on coming regardless. A lot of money spent over a terribly engineered entrance.