CNA sentenced for ripping off 81-year-old who was a patient at Villages Rehab

A 31-year-old certified nursing assistant has been sentenced for ripping off an 81-year-old woman who was a patient at Villages Rehab.

Constance Perkins

Constance Perkins

Constance M. Perkins, 31, of Ocala, was arrested in March after Lady Lake police issued a bulletin seeking her arrest.

The victim had been admitted at Villages Rehab on County Road 466 in early February. She was very sedated at the time of her arrival, but she remembered a woman entering her room, asking her for her maiden name and then leaving the room quickly, according to an investigative report from the Lady Lake Police Department.

The patient’s daughter reported that her mother’s credit card was missing and then started noticing odd purchases on the card. Purchases were made at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Ocala, Hungry Howie’s in Lady Lake, Arby’s, RaceTrac,, Rack Room Shoes and Edible Arrangements.

A Villages Rehab supervisor told police that Perkins might be a suspect. An employee told police that she believed Perkins was part of a credit card ring. Villages Rehab personnel also pointed out that Perkins was an enthusiastic softball player and police were able to trace an email address Perkins used for the purchase. A Hungry Howie’s manager told police that a delivery paid for with the stolen credit card had been delivered to Villages Rehab. The Hungry Howie’s delivery driver confirmed the pizza had been delivered to Perkins. Perkins apparently stopped showing up for work when she became aware of the investigation.

She was arrested on charges of exploitation of the elderly, criminal use of personal information and grand theft.

Perkins entered a plea of no contest to a lesser charge of grand theft of a person over the age of 65.

She has been placed on probation for four years, fined $262.50 and is facing more than $1,000 in court costs.


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      • Chip Griffen says

        Every hospital has the same problem. Period. The fact is that thanks to our former President, and the cost of doing business all facilities lowered the pay for many “unskilled” jobs. CNA and Housekeeping being highest on the list.

        Go from there to the many federal regulations about PT privacy. Authorities cant even call the police for some matters, that is a family decision, not a medical decision.

        Staff at Kohls make as much as a CNA – and dont have to wipe anyones butt. But, like so many strippers – every CNA is going to be an RN one day. But, on their pay, they cant afford to go to nursing school – based on income and time in the day.

        The CNA’s did it to themselves. Much of the issue was created by immigrant labor who would take any job any place for any pay. Easy pickens. Plus, many have aspirations to marry an MD.

        Want to resolve the issue? Have families take care of their elderly at home. People did it all the time 20+ years ago. Now, we just put grandma in “a home” and let her croak.

        • James Radatz says

          C.G. Most of what you say, was worthwhile reading. However, your last sentence is very disturbing. We took care of my mother in law for six years. Do to the downgrade of my wife’s health, her mother had to go into an Alzheimer’s care center. It was harder to send her there, than the mental task of taking care of her at home. However, the physical task, was very destructive on we the caretakers.

          • Chip Griffen says

            I agree. Sorry if it struck a nerve. Dementia is a whole new ball game, and one that really did not exist even 15 years ago. Our bodies frequently outlive our minds thanks to the “miracle” of modern medicine.

            My grandmother died at “home”. Recently, a friend of mine who is an RN did “hospice” in her home for her mother. That used to be so common and accepted. But, now, as I said – they are sent off. And, if my father was alive with dementia – I am not sure I could handle the care myself.

        • Susan Linginfelter says

          I agree, Chip. Take care of your own. I have both my parents. It is not an easy endeavor, but as long as I am able, I will. There is much to learn from the very elderly….listen, they will tell you things.

          There are medical workers who are as honest as the day is long, but it is hard to tell the difference if you don’t know them.

          The best advice I’ve heard here is that if you must take your loved ones to a medical facility, leave their valuables at home!!! There is no need to tempt fate.

    • Elaine Brown says

      My late husband was at The Villages Rehab from July 9, 2016 until July 31, 2016. Connie was his CNA. Whether it was true or not, Connie told us she was inn the US Army before getting hurt building a bridge in the Middle East.

      My husband spent 20 yrs in the Air Force and I spent 12 yrs in the Navy. We used to tell stories and she was very knowledgeable about military life.

      She was so kind and helpful to Larry–but then again—there was nothing in the room to steal.

      You never know a person’s true colors or why they do what they do. It is a shame that she ruined her life. As far as her being involved inn a “Credit Card Ring”–where is the proof of that? She was just very stupid bringing stolen pizzas to the rehab center, for sure.

  1. Rich McIntyre says

    These light sentences for this kind of crime are a slap in the face! $1,200 in fines and court costs and no jail time is not justice. TV Rehab should also be held accountable for this as well in my opinion but them
    n I guess “The Family” would not like that kind of publicity would they??

    • Kathy Anderson says

      I suspect the $262.50 is for restitution based on the places named where she used the credit card.

      Theft at any facility such as a hospital, rehab or nursing home does occur. My husband’s aunt’s wedding set was taken off her hand the night before she died as she lay in a coma. We should have taken them home before then but we’re trying to be respectful of her. I would now encourage family to keep their loved ones valuables at home – jewelry, money, credit cards, ID’s. Sadly, there are people in the world who cannot resist temptation to take something not belonging to them.

  2. James Radatz says

    A criminal charge should be placed against the prosecuting attorney and the criminals attorney. This CRIMINAL should be locked up for a lengthy period of time, as her actions were multiplied by her continuous use of a stolen card from a person that her job position was to protect.

    • Chip Griffen says

      Why idiot? I want to know why there is another charge for an old victim? Are the people of TV and everyone of sound mind? Plus, only the ignorant would think that we can “arrest” and “jail” our way of out any activities. Sure has not worked for drugs. In any other business – we would fire the police and courts for being DISMAL failures every step of the way.

      • Ann Eggleston says

        The police arrested her. They have no say in her punishment. Believe me this is as frustrating to them as to anyone. As far as community service? Another joke. We have had them at our church doing service. They don’t show up or can’t do any thing by because the suddenly have a “bad back”. When reported they are let off with just their probation. Sometimes the probation is extended for failure to do community service. We all know what a joke that is.

        • Susan Linginfelter says

          I think the judges should be looked at very carefully next time there is an election for judges……I have never seen a jail sentence handed down in this column….needless to say I could have missed it…but probation seems to be the only sentence. I even saw that a convicted felon was arrested with a hand gun…..he had 5 previous convictions….one was premeditated murder… is he in the street if he was convicted of murder???? The jails are full, I am sure. But, really? Murder??

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