Complaints about dogs running loose and golf carts destroying grass


To the Editor:

These “running-loose dogs, destructive” dogs are actually small (under 20) who all are totally under adult supervision.  The golf carts have been going down there for years and this is the first time that the grass has been a problem—it’s because there IS NO RAIN!!!!
We adults enjoy the company of other dog-loving adults (just like those who go to sunset point every evening to drink wine and socialize) and, at the same time, let our little furry friends socialize with the friends that they have had–and love–for several years.  We all carry plastic bags and clean up any waste that they have, whether it be my dog or someone else’s.
It’s really a shame that these complainers (by the way, the closest home to this area is about two blocks away—can’t see how it affects any of those homeowners) don’t have something better to do than complain about dogs that doesn’t even concern them.  There are SO many activities in the Villages that seniors can get involved in—why don’t they do SOMETHING to keep themselves busy–if they did that, they wouldn’t have time for this silly nonsense. By the way, we haven’t lost a dog yet! We are a very responsible group of ADULTS (we’re NOT children who have to be supervised) who love our animals and feel that they, too, need socialization and a little fresh air in the evening. What happened to the term “the friendliest hometown in America.” Let’s get it back to that, huh? Find something to occupy your time, folks!

Sharon Applegate
Village of Santo Domingo


  1. Those of you dog lovers who are interested in finding out about the end results of “golf cart abuse and nasty little dog critters” can attend a meeting at SAVANNAH CENTER ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7TH AT 9:00 AM. Hopefully, all of us dog lovers who are meeting nightly with our pups can manage to all be present for this very important meeting.

  2. I hope everyone who is complaining about the fencing off of this area and posting comments here are also writing/emailing their representative on the AAC. Complaint here is like whistling in the wind. I doubt many of the AAC board reads this site.

  3. Here I go again! Just one comment on the location I have dubbed “Puppy Park!” I am a recent visitor and usually stay a short time. My little dog can’t wait to go every day. My comment is as follows…..There is no grass in this area, certainly not the grass in our yards. It is field vegetation. Not having any sprinklers to water the area makes the vegetation pathetic whether dogs are present or not. As far as erosion occurring, this won’t happen. The hills that surround this area see no traffic and that’s where erosion occurs.
    If The Villages would spend that $17 K wisely, they’d set aside an area for a golf cart parking lot and put up a fence if they feel they MUST keep carts off. Hey folks!!! This is a FIELD. Note, this is a field, not someone’s lawn.

  4. Sharon, your comments are right on…….very well thought out. The Villages advertises as “dog friendly”, and in a few neighborhoods, it still is. But, for the most part; it is NOT a dog friendly community anymore. The Villages does NOT have enough dog parks where the pups can socialize.

    In my opinion, age and boredom are playing a big part in all of these nasty comments here. These folks need something to bitch about and they’ve chosen dogs for now. They most likely have trouble getting along with humans as well as dogs. They are not happy and just need “something” to complain about.

    Hang in there Sharon. They’re are many, many people who agree 100% with you! ……they just don’t post on social media because of these “regular” nasties that hang out on this site.

  5. If you folks cause us to lose our nightly meeting place, we’ll probably come on over and pay you all a social visit by letting the dogs pee on your lawn at 3441 Forsythe Terrace and then we can watch you the following morning out in your yard cleaning every blade of grass to get rid of the “pee.”

    • Taking a ride on our cart after dinner and meeting up with one of the greatest groups of people I have found in The Villages will be missed by us and our dogs. We have enjoyed meeting so many great people there and their little dogs too!
      The water at the field makes it feel so peaceful on the beautiful late afternoon rides.
      The grass has died because of no rain and if you look around many of the flower beds have died due to low water.
      If you must put up a fence then you must put in a little parking lot for carts so people can still enjoy this beautiful area.

  6. The above comments just proves my point. Find something to do other than complain about nothing that concerns you. Most people in the Villages find that dogs are much “friendlier” than the PEOPLE in America’s friendliest home town. You people are really ugly spirited. Get a life. I’m very thankful that you DON’T have a pet—you can’t even be decent to other human beings. Enough said.

      • And, Mr. Baldwin, I’d appreciate it if you’d not call me names (like a$$hole)–that’s not necessary. And no, that’s NOT correct. Too many dogs? And is that a RULE or is that YOUR opinion??? Your comments make you look like a fool. None of us NEED your comments.

  7. A. There are TOO MANY dogs! With 150,000 people, and probably 1/4 with dogs…that’s that’s over 35,000 dogs! Why do you ladies NEED a dog? Why do you NEED a pet? You MUST have something that needs you? A “mothering” thing? The kids go…you get a pet…a dog, a cat, fish…plants. SOMETHING that depends on you for their life.

    B. If you KNOW the drought is killing the grass…and the golf carts make it worse…you’re an a$$hole…correct? You’re willfully destroying the grass by driving on it…KNOWING the villages will have to pay to fix it. If you can’t police yourselves…then put up a fence. A few have to ruin things for everyone else because THEY feel entitled.

    Stop adding to the problem of too many dogs…you don’t NEED a pet.

        • Wow these people have nothing better to do than now complain about dogs. A man’s (ladies) best friend. there are many here that there dog is very important to them. The same people complaining about dogs, complain about the little crosses and so much more. Get a life. It is a good one here if you stop complaining. Stop passing on hate and judging others by what you feel is right…..let people life their life……Let’s Make America Love Again….it has forgotten to in the last year in half.

          • There are a few elders who like to go out and roll on their lawns and a dog taking a wiz will get on them. The same few I think have the start of dementia – truly an early sign is to look at others and pick arguments over spilled piss.

    • Better then 90% of the dogs there are rescue dogs saved from being putdown by loving, caring and unselfish people ( not just ladies ).I am a 76 year old male who rescued a 7 month old puppy who was abused and for weeks trembled in my arms. All have been neutered therefore unable to reproduce. The dog park at Paradise is not fit for dogs all sand took my dog their and had to give him a bath afterwards.

  8. Sharon: I understand your point but let’s be realistic. There are ample designated “dog parks” within The Villages. Why don’t all dog owners act responsibly and take their dogs to those designated areas. There have been literally hundreds of dog owners who walk their dogs on the side of the streets throughout The Villages. In many, many cases, these dogs are allowed to wander all over people’s lawns (up to near the driveway light-post). Why do dog owners assume that they have the right to allow their dogs to wander about and “do their thing”? Listen, you may think you clean up from your dog. But, I have seen not one person trying to remove the urine!!! Your fellow Villages don’t use your front lawn as their personal toilet, so let’s not turn homeowners’ lawns into the dog’s playground / toilet! If you want to walk your dog on a “lawn”, try your own.

    • No, there are NOT ample dog parks – period. The ones that are here are terrible and run down, and, not large enough for a dog to run. Get over it George….and, if near your yard, yes…mine will pee in it and I wont attempt to clean it up. It could be a sport (then again, I would pee there as well given the right bush or tree).

      So many idiots, so little time. Typical “Croaker”

      • I rarely agree with Mr Initials but I do here. There are so many dogs here that never go in their own yards and like it’s been said, owners with these retractable leashes let these little mongrels roam 20 feet up into a yard. If I wanted a little fur ball I’d own one. Keep your mangy mutt off other peoples property. Simple really. As for you peeing behind a bush, it wouldn’t have to be a very big one.

        • Ahhhh….to have such low self esteem that one needs to put the nomenclature for apathetic semi-professional titles in a freaking Villages News profile? Um, okay.

          Being a numbers person (in theory), we would think that you would be able to deduce that the numbers of pets in TV is actually lower than that of the general population of the US. That said, keep on keepin’ on and never, I mean never ever let the facts get into the way of a delusional judgemental reality or ignorance.

        • I have a friend who taught her dog to urinate in the gutter on the street. Rain washing it down to the sewer. Her neighbors are complaining about this! So it isn’t about dogs being on your lawns, you just feel the need to complain about something, anything!!! They forget, the street doesn’t belong to them!

      • Chip,
        As usual, you are complaining…..but this time about the dog parks. We have four wonderful dog parks in the Villages to choose from, each very different. The newest, Atlas, is very large and the dogs have ample room to run around. The one behind the firehouse (one of my favorites) is smaller and I hear people always complaining that it is “too small”, but it is NOT too small. My dog is 80 pounds and I meet several friends there a couple of mornings a week, we sit on benches at the far end of the large dog park and our dogs race back and forth, up and down the hill, through the bushes and have a great time together. Paradise dog park is very shady and also a nice size. For those of you who are interested in going “off site”, the Wildwood dog park is very large, shady and a nice park. And….I have found the people at all parks to be friendly and welcoming. As far as the “flea infestation”…after four or five years of taking my dog to the dog parks, I’ve never had any trouble with fleas. So quit complaining, I suspect you are LOOKING for something to complain about….what a shocker.

    • I DO walk my dog on my own property—every day!!! My dog will do his business on my lawn ONLY! However, what about socialization? Animals need that as well as humans (although from what I’m seeing, humans need lessons and training in socialization) Dogs don’t. They accept each other pretty much as they are. Good lesson, Mr. Danforth. I got a dog to give him love and enjoy his personality (which is a lot more acceptable than most of the Villagers) Why don’t you come on over and check out my lawn—see if it smells like pee or poop? Believe me, it doesn’t!!!!!

      • I, also, keep my dog on my own property. I’ve been here for 10+ years and she has her favorite spots to do her business. I will put my lawn up against any other lawn for being green and healthy. So much for urine turning grass yellow!!!

    • Mr.Danforth, I totally agree with you about dog owners allowing their dogs to urinate on other people’s lawns. This is unacceptable and it would upset me if someone did this to my lawn. However,
      if there are as many dogs in TV as you claim, the whole community would have yellow lawns!! I believe most dog owners are responsible and respect other people’s property. I understood that pets are welcome here in TV. This is one of the reasons it appealed to me as I wanted my dog in a place that welcomed her as part of my family. We were happy to find other dog lovers we could relate to and with whom we could socialize our dogs with their dogs. The field in question fulfilled ours and our dogs needs. The dogs are confined to a certain area but could be free to run loose and play with each other but with adult supervision. This is the only place I take my dog to get some exercise and be with other dogs. She looks forward to this play time every evening. I do not allow her to do her duty on anyone’s lawn or in public places other than the field where I can watch her and clean up after her. The other adults I meet there are also very responsible and we look after each others dogs. Because we are the same group of people that usually meet at the same time each evening, we know we are not the culprits who are not cleaning up after our pets. We keep each other honest about this and make sure everyone cleans up after their pet.
      One last thing, I know there are doggy parks in TV as I have been to several of them. I do not take my dog to any of them for reasons I will not go into here ( I believe i mentioned why in another reply). I like the people I have befriended and my dog has made their dogs her “pack”. she looks forward to seeing them every day. You obviously are not a dog lover and know nothing about dogs, so you would not understand how taking her away from her pack would affect her. Please understand, I do not interfere in yours or anyone else’s life here in TV. It is now large enough for all of us to live together in peace. Go out and “smell the roses”, smile at people you pass by and see what a difference it makes when you get a smile back.Be thankful you have such a beautiful place to live during your last days on earth. Live and let live and you will be much happier!!