To the Editor:

I would be in favor of ending these types of complaints. There are however another type of complaint that may result in legal action by THE VILLAGES MANAGEMENT.
If a complaint is filed by a person that does not reveal their ID causes actions that restrict your activities. There is no way to appeal the charge. Only to be subjected to a meeting where they announce what their action will be.

Gerry Bedard
Village of Hemingway


  1. i thought it was made clear, NUMEROUS times… the person that brings a violation to the attention of the district is NOT your accuser… they are just tattling… the district is your accuser, and yes, you CAN appeal to them… no lawsuit is possible though because the restrictions are in writing and are enforceable, whether you know of them or not… kinda like, “ignorance of the law is no excuse”

  2. The 14th Amendment clearly state that you have the right to know your accuser. No secrets when it comes to defending your rights against the known. How do you defend a protected accuser? The German government tried it in WW2 when they pitted the children against their parents.