Construction barrels sprouting roots on Rolling Acres Road


To the Editor:

Are they EVER going to finish the street construction on Rolling Acres Road? The construction barrels are sprouting roots!  Between the construction and the school the traffic is a nightmare!

Mike Donohue
Village of Rio Ponderosa


  1. Sprouting roots, now that’s a good one right there. Love reading some of these comments. Actually, the advice to move by Robert is pretty good, but then where? The desert, desolate mountains? Man, it’s bad almost everywhere.

  2. Mike, the short answer is no, not in the distant future. According to FDOT website, construction on Rolling Acres is expected to continue non-stop until at least 2115. The road is so crowded no one drives on it anymore. Best idea is to move. Please don’t take any water with you. Hope you enjoyed your stay. Tata