Convicted felon with loaded .38 Special arrested by Wildwood police after traffic stop

A convicted felon with a loaded .38 Special was arrested by Wildwood police after a traffic stop.

Terrence Warthen

Terrence Warthen

An officer pulled over 29-year-old Terence J. Warthen for an inoperable taglight at 11:45 p.m. Saturday.

During a search of the vehicle, the firearm was discovered under the driver’s seat.

Warthen has five felony convictions in the state of Florida, including a  premeditated homicide conviction in 2007 in Clermont, according to the arrest report.

He was arrested on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

He was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center on $12,000 bond.


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  1. Sherren PJ says

    Robert Whitaker says

    July 17, 2017 at 8:20 PM

    5 felony convictions.+..habitual offender….+violation of parole+….firearm….= BOND?


    The men in Blue must get so tired of doing their job! Obviously this man should not be out on bond, he is
    a danger to us all.

    • Ann Eggleston says

      Yes, our police officers do get tired of taking proven criminals off the street, only to see them back on the street before their paperwork is completed. And who do people blame? The police. Then there’s always the Google Police Academy graduate who wonders what right the cops had to search his car.

  2. Steve Bressi says

    I don’t condon the guy breaking the law, but I can’t help but ask what justified the search of the vehicle. I burnt out plate light is hardly cause.

    • James Radatz says

      S.B. Convicted felons loose certain rights. As provided by attorney W.J. Popovich: Police can search the vehicle with probable cause, (location, criminal acts in the area drug dealers etc.), Outstanding bench Warrant, search warrants, now easily obtained because of the criminals history.

    • Ann Eggleston says

      Convicted of pre-meditated murder ten years ago. Any normal person would want to make sure he had nothing to harm them or someone else. He could have leaned over (putting it under the passenger seat or in the glovebox) when they were pulling him over. If they saw this through his back window, once they ran his plate and saw who he was then they have every right to ensure they go home safe to their families.

  3. James Radatz says

    The judicial system (useless prosecutors) stinks. This guy should never have received bail, as a felon just opened his jail cell door, the minute he touched that weapon. Civil Liberties = Uncivil society.

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