Dash cam captures Bad Driving on Morse Boulevard


A dash cam captured Bad Driving this past week on Morse Boulevard north of County Road 466.

A presumably impatient driver cut over to the golf cart lane and passed another car on the right.

Villagers in recent years have complained about dangerous conditions on Morse Boulevard north of County Road 466. But drivers like this, certainly make matters worse.


  1. Don’t the people In The Villages have anything better to do than to find things to complain about. Is complaining better than participating in the numerous activities here? I thought we all bought into a lifestyle of fun, rather than a lifestyle of looking for things about which to complain.

  2. Obviously the passing driver was wrong, thankfully not dead wrong. The real issue, however, is that Morse north of 466 is dangerous and in no way adequate for the amount of traffic it’s handling today. If they want to spend a bunch of OUR money for something, it should be fixing Morse.

  3. What left turn. It the person was making a left which they were not you wait, You do not cross a solid white line. Go down Morris to the gate and watch the golf carts in the solid yellow marked off area. It is known as a safety zone and nothing is allowed in except a person walking. Every see a ticket issued there. Ha

  4. This is not the case here—as I did not see anyone turning left in front of that slow car. But I stopped at the local cop shop and asked them if it was permissible to go around a car on the right—using the golf cart lane—if the car in front was turning left, AND, the golf cart lane was open and clear. I was told that it isn’t any different then a golf cart that wants to turn left—is suppose to merge into the car lane to turn left—again—if the lane is open and clear. So had that car been attempting to turn left, it would have been acceptable. But like I said—THAT does not appear to be the case here.

    • The “local cop shop” was ill informed. This is from the Florida Drivers Handbook, Chapter 4, Pavement Markings: “Solid White Line – A solid white line marks the right edge of the roadway or separates lanes of traffic moving in the same direction. You may travel in the same direction on both sides of this line, but you should not cross the line unless you must do so to avoid a hazard.” There was no hazard in the video; only an arrogant, impatient driver risking the lives of us golf cart users.

  5. The driver of the car is out of line. PERIOD, that’s the end of the issue. Dash Cam or not, drivers who respond with this type of driving behavior should be fined and the dash cam is the proof./

  6. Len is absolutely ignorant as to why people have dash cams. It is not to spy on other drivers but to record what is happening as one is driving. Primarily you have documented proof of how the accident happened which may or may not be to your benefit. But the truth will prevail. Comparing those who have dash cams as clowns and/or trolls is stupid.

  7. Another example of some old fogey driving so slowly another driver gets frustrated. Speed has it’s issues but doing 25 in a 45 is just as wrong and dangerous.
    As to this dash cam clown, what is wrong with people that feel the need to record other drivers and report them? He’s as pathetic as those trolls that drive around neighborhoods looking for violations. It’s looks like another case of small man disease.

    • Patience behind the wheel is necessary unless you want to do something stupid and, hopefully, receive a costly ticket. You have no control over another car going too slowly, or even stopping for no apparent reason. But you do have control of how you respond to it. You don’t know why, they may be having car trouble. Crossing a solid white line to pass someone on the right is illegal, and along with speeders, they should be caught and ticketed.

      • Excellent comment Sharon, I cannot add to that. Len Pittsacado is one one of those nut case drivers who will get someone killed with his impatience and stupid driving habits. People line him are totally hopeless and a threat to everyone on the road. Let us hope that ‘Len’ gets a big fat ticket soon. He sure as hell seems to be concerned with no one except himself. In some circles he would be a selfish, mindless, puke.

    • 25 in a 45 is aggravating, (get over it)>>>but 25 in a 30 is PERFECTLY okay, especially when you are sharing the road with golf carts… you know Len, there is a reason why most women live longer than most men… lighten up and smell the roses

    • Len: I have read the responsive comments, in relationship to your comment. Please take time to read them, then take a much needed vacation. I suspect that you are one of which I frequently call the ‘SPECIAL PEOPLE’.

  8. Sumter county had a ‘detail’ out on 466a today, catching speeders daring to go above 45 on a four lane divided highway… i wish they would spend more time and effort on Morse (north of 466)… single lane WITH golf carts, very dangerous, especially when a complete moron captured on the dash cam gets in a hurry