Dollars for Scholars ‘Starry 4’ a big hit Saturday, ‘Starry 5’ coming in 2014

The Dollars for Scholars production of Starry – Starry “4” – Because You Asked “4” More played to rave reviews in two performances at the Savannah Center Saturday night.

The program is stated to be The Dollars for Scholars chief fund raiser for the year. In this, the fourth year of performance, the level of audience and sponsor support will ensure that the efforts to provide scholarship funds for financially needy local students will continue.

Efforts are already underway to extend letters of appreciation to all of the many individuals and groups which have allowed the Dollars for Scholars program to grow and extend its financial outreach to an ever expanding group of students. The communities willingness to support this scholastic outreach efforts is, and has been, repeatedly demonstrated by the ticket sales support the Starry Series has received for the past four years. Plans are already under way for a Starry “5” program for 2014.

Dollars For Scholars


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