Driver killed after being ejected from vehicle in Marion County


A driver was killed Saturday evening after being ejected from his vehicle in Marion County.

Alton O. Dewese, 52, of Hawthorne, was driving a 1996 Dodge Ram without a seatbelt while eastbound on Country Road 318 near the intersection of NW 24th Avenue when he partially exited the south side of the roadway, according to a Florida Highway Patrol accident report. Dewese overcorrected his exit from the north side of the roadway but began to overturn, the report stated.

He was then ejected in the overturning process and fatally injured.



    • I agree that both should be the law and are in many states. Yet the same motorcycle riders who have stickers that say ” watch out for motorcycles” are often the ones that won’t wear a helmets. I’ve even heard one say that they like the wind in their hair. Better like a busted noggin’ while they’re at it. Protect yourself! I was one of the first survivors in a “Saved by the Belt” campaign in Ohio in 1985. I was injured–but had I not had a seatbelt on I would have gone through the windshield and been roadkill. My car stopped suddenly by the impact. Everything in it that wasn’t tied down was still traveling at 35 MPH.

  1. Yes, for you doubting clowns out there, more proof that seat-belts do save lives. Put it on, it’s the law. Safety, should not be a legal concern, it should be a personal concern and you should always put safety first. However !!!!!

    • Seems we can’t legislate safety. I would advise anyone who thinks seat belts don’t save lives to watch an automobile race. Any race. Just watch the beginning and see how the driver’s strap themselves into a secure, five point safety harness, a “super seatbelt”.