Driver ticketed in collision with low-speed vehicle on Morse Boulevard


A driver was ticketed after a collision with a golf cart classified as a low-speed vehicle Monday afternoon on Morse Boulevard in The Villages.

The low-speed vehicle had been southbound on Morse Boulevard at 1:05 p.m. when a woman driving a northbound automobile attempted to make a left turn onto San Marino Drive, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. The driver of the automobile said she did not see the low-speed vehicle.

A car collided with a low-speed vehicle Monday on Morse Boulevard.
A car collided with a low-speed vehicle Monday on Morse Boulevard.

There were no injuries.

The driver of the car was ticketed on a charge of violation of right-of-way.

Some residents of The Villages have complained of the dangers of Morse Boulevard north of County Road 466 and have called for it to be widened.


  1. Street legal golf carts and bicycles do not belong in the busy traffic roads or in roundabouts. Their dangerous to themselves and the car traffic especially in a place like The Villages, for reasons already stated.
    I put the blame one place, The Dept. of Transportation, Fed & State! It gives the “rights” & makes the rules & laws.
    No matter how irresponsible they are. If people are that stupid to drive their Street Legal’s or ride a Bike in car & truck traffic instead of the cart path’s its their life.
    The other side is the driver of the car/truck has to live with running over these people.

  2. The improvements made to the northern stretch of Morse Boulevard, from US 27.441 to CR466, including traffic lights and turn lanes at some intersections, helped some for a while but were band-aids — cheaper than altering the road — to separate the golf cart lane from larger traffic lanes.

    A few years ago, hundreds of residents in person and thousands of signatures on petitions approached the Sumter Board of County Commissioners — who nodded their heads and did nothing to modernize the road to deal with the huge volume of traffic.

    They apparently think the millions of dollars that would be needed to modernize North Morse would be better spent expanding The Villages more and more. FOLLOW THE MONEY, BOYS AND GIRLS! Ditto the developer’s arrogant engineering firm: Kimley Horn.

    Did they vote for the safety of existing Villagers north of CR 466 OR follow the developer’s expansion plans? They’re spending plenty of our county taxpayer dollars for roads, tunnels and bridges SOUTH of 466A, where the developer can profit from new homes — but not for North Morse Boulevard — which is a major thoroughfare and cut-through for Villagers and non-Villagers.

    It’s a miracle there haven’t been more accidents. YES, drivers speed and make foolish moves — but the road is EXTREMELY BAD, especially where golf carts must cross lanes of traffic to get to the tunnel under CR466 to go south.

    When you go to the ballot box, please ask yourself whether these commissioners have YOUR best interests at heart, or NOT. You or one of your loved ones could be the next traffic victim on Morse. Since the Commissioners don’t care about our needs — the only course of action is to VOTE EM’ OUT!

  3. To all of the Experts there are More than enough of Idiot Drivers in and around TV which will Never change Speeding, Drunk , Texting , or could not pass a Driving test . However A poorly designed Road with a wider Golf Cart lane and a Narrow Vechicle lane including crossing in front of 2 lanes of Cars & trucks is Wrong and Dangerous .

  4. Driving is a full time responsibility. Turn down that radio, keep your hands off that cell phone, leave ample space between you the other vehicles, including golf carts. If you can’t, it’s time to turn in your drivers license and become a back seat driver, while others become your chauffeur.

  5. My two cents worth , I would never take the “Street Legal” golf cart idea , with so many unlicensed , physically impaired , distracted cell phone users and under the influence drivers out there driving a golf cart on the road with them is living on the edge to me and if I can’t get to where I’m going in my cart I’m driving a car.

  6. Just two weeks ago I was headed south on Morse and planned to make a right onto San Marino towards Tierra del Sol. I had my turn signal(s) on (LED lights galore) plus my left arm up indicating a right turn. The car beside me turned right onto San Marion across my path in spite of all my indications. I had to hit the brakes and pull into the grass to avoid a collision. I nearly hit the concrete curb forming the turn. The car had no idea I was even there or perhaps she just didn’t care. She went on her way w/o even looking my way. San Marino and Morse has seen a large number of accidents. Morse needs to be rebuilt to be safer. Developer says there isn’t land available to do that. I’m not sure I agree. It seems at the least there is enough land to make a separate, away from the road, golf cart path.

    • Steve, I am fully aware of what happened to you. A friend of mine was hospitalized 3 weeks after an accident with a car that was turning right in exactly that same spot. The car hit the cart, which was going straight, at that intersection. The cart had the right-of-way.

      I too, make that turn onto San Marino, in my golf cart, almost daily. I have learned never to ride alongside, or near to, any car that may potentially turn right into my path.

      San Marino, heading toward Tierra Del Sol, is a nightmare. There are always cars parked in the road, leaving only a one lane passageway, which has to be negotiated by cars in either direction.

      If homes on both sides of that street would sacrifice (sell) 6-7 feet of their front yards, parking could be available on both sides of the street.

      I wouldn’t live on San Marino if the house was free!

  7. San Marino at Morse has always been a dangerous spot. Just 3 weeks ago, I saw a car knock over a golf cart and the cart driver’s arm was smashed when the roof crashed down on it. The car driver fled. Since I was on the opposite side of San Marino with a small boulevard between, I was unable to get the license number. San Marion needs upgrading with not one, but two golf courses on it and no cart path on either side. Fix the intersection and widen San Marino. Don’t suppose that road CAN be widened.

  8. Golf carts should not be allowed to be low speed vehicles – it’s a golf cart and should be in the golf cart lane. The road is for licensed cars not golf carts. The threat however still remains as golf carts drive on the white line next to the cars (still amazes me). I drive my golf cart as close to the grass as possible and will not cross an intersecting street on Morse until I am sure the car approaching is not turning (I slow down and wait till it passes) as one can’t rely on turn signals. I’ve seen many golf carts pull right out in front of cars as they approach the gate to cross over Morse. I am astonished at the lack of safety these golf cart drivers exhibit!!!

    • agree completely Marsha… have experienced many asinine drivers pass a lsv and cut in MUCH too soon… what is the big hurry??? and where the carts enter/ exit at the Morse gate is UNBELIEVABLY ill-designed… no foresight at all, even when it was a sleepy/friendly community, that egress/exit is MUCH TOO CLOSE to the gate… hey, remember back when Morse and Rio Grande was a 3 way stop???

    • Another problem is that even when a cart is in the cart lane, oncoming traffic will go left of center to pass the cart. The problem occurs when they cross the line they leave traffic coming in the opposite direction no choice but to move to the right– a major problem if the incoming traffic also has a golf cart beside them. Also, trucks pulling the wide trailers do not stay to the right of the double yellow line. It creates a dangerous situation for everyone. A left front to left front collision often ends in serious injury, but the driver on the oncoming lane is left with a choice–squeeze out the cart or hit the incoming vehicle.

  9. Wow! Does no one realize it wasn’t the roads fault, it wasn’t the cart lanes fault, it wasn’t the fault of a motorist speeding, it wasn’t the design of the road, it wasn’t the developers fault; it was a driver’s (maybe elderly, maybe texting/talking on the phone) fault of failure to yield to oncoming traffic. Jeez, quit placing blame except to where it should be placed.

  10. Traveling this stretch of Morse each day I am constantly aware of my surroundings.

    People texting and swerving from one side to the other in not only the driving lane BUT also the cart lane is awful.

    I have had to take the grass more than once when I looked in my mirror and see a car half into my cart lane…

    MORE speed enforcement would be nice but the Deputies are spread thin..The sheriff really needs to put on extra help just for the Villages…Just ask any Deputy and they will tell you they are stretched out from one end to the other.

    YES indeed, we have approached the powers about giving Morse a separate cart lane. They have one down by the Hacienda country club, why not extend that south to El Camino Rio ???

    Instead of worrying about dogs at the pond, why not worry more about the safety of humans ?

        • …then leave yourself enough time to get where you have to be, so you don’t have to break the speed limit.

          I drive the speed limit too, Richard; and I stay in the right lane, Len, unless I have to make a left turn. I particularly enjoy how much it pisses-off the drivers behind me who just can’t seem to grasp the concept of a speed LIMIT.

  11. This is and was a poorly constructed road that is past its time and needs to be fixed. The Villages does not want to spend the money to do so unfortunately. I must say that they learned from it in the expansion areas of the Villages.