Fruitland Park man killed in nine-vehicle crash that shut down I-75

A 25-year-old Fruitland Park man was killed in a nine-vehicle crash that shut down southbound Interstate 75 in Marion County for several hours.

Jarrett Tereskun

Jarrett Tereskun

Jarrett Joseph Tereskun had been at the wheel of a 2007 Chevy Corvette just a few minutes before midnight Friday when a tractor trailer truck driven by 64-year-old Sung Il Lee of Lagrange, Georgia struck a guardrail and then hit several vehicles at Mile Marker 338, according to an accident report from the Florida Highway Patrol.

Tereskun died at the scene of the accident.

Lee suffered serious injuries and was transported to Shands Hospital in Gainesville. A passenger in Lee’s truck, Raymond Bostain of Lagrange, Georgia was also seriously injured and he was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center.

Several other people in other vehicles that were struck suffered minor injuries.

The multi-vehicle crash shut down southbound Interstate 75 for several hours.

The multi-vehicle crash shut down southbound Interstate 75 for several hours.

All travel lanes of I-75 southbound were shut down for an extended period of time due to the investigation and scene clean up. Traffic was detoured onto County Road 484 and through the back gates at the southbound Department of Transportation scales. The investigation into the crash is ongoing. The roadway has since been re-opened.


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  1. James Radatz says

    May J.T. rest in peace and let the finger pointing be left up to the investigators. For the rest of us, be aware of your surroundings and drive respectfully.

  2. Victoria Moye says

    Jar was one of my very good friends since middle school he’s gone too soon ! He is with Tyler Jon Jon Caden and so many others ! It is a tragedy we have lost one or more student every year since 2010 graduation well over 13 and probably only two of them I believe were from over doses ! Scary car accident like these happen all the time PLEASE PLEASE if you are on the road be safe drive carefully all of you ! Please don’t forget to mention Jar in your prayers tonight !

  3. Laurin Womack says

    My condolences for your family. You were such an amazing person with a beautiful soul. You have touched many lives more than you’ll ever know. You are loved by so many and You will Forever be in all of our hearts.

  4. Victoria Moye says

    There better not be ONE negative comment from any of you frequent users (there’s about four of you) ! Jar was such an amazing beautiful person and he will be dearly missed by so so many ! Rip you’ll never be forgotten

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