Why are full-time residents always penalized?

To the Editor:

I would like to know WHY the powers that be see fit to close the Savannah pool from May 1 to the end of June AND the Hacienda pool as well for the same time period for “resurfacing, etc”.  WHY NOT DO THAT WHEN IT IS TOO COLD TO SWIM OR EXERCISE OR PLAY VOLLEYBALL?  Like in the winter months…January to February?  Why are the full time residents ALWAYS penalized and have to find somewhere else to play or exercise during the warmer months?  It shouldn’t take two months either to resurface a pool…usually only a maximum of 4 weeks which would INCLUDE changing out all of the tile. 

But 2 months?  Really?

P.S. Don’t send me hate mail for asking….we have been full time residents for almost 16 years and don’t feel driving to the way south of The Villages to find a place to play water volleyball.

Cecily Kirkland
Village of Springdale West


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  1. Patricia Holman says

    Any community you would live in has to do general maintenance on their property. I have lived here for 15 years full time and never found that the repairs, etc., ever inconvenienced me that much. I just find another pool to use, another golf course to use and wait it out. It would not be smart to do maintenance when the snowbirds,both home owners who pay their amenities year round but only use our facilities part time and the renters as it would inconvenience them plus the fact with so many more people here during the winter season the open pools and courses would be overwhelmed with use while the repairs are being made on the others.

  2. Steve Enderlin says

    How do you think maintenance is done on all the facilities? Do you think they just wave a freaking wand and “poof”, everything is fixed. Preventative maintenance and regular maintenance is an ongoing process. Get in your cart or get in your car and explore other parts of The Villages; use some of the other number of pools we have that everyone can use. For the next 2 months, your little part of the world is disrupted, after that, someone else’s little part of the world will be turned upside down; get used to it – IT’S A CONTINUING CYCLE.

  3. Kevin Costello says

    They did the same thing here at Water Oak when they refurbished the pool and club house. It was done during the summer when people actually use the pool. We can’t make the snow birds mad Lol. All you little people who live here yr. round are SOL!

  4. al townsend says

    It makes sense to do this when 2/3rds of the residents are not here, could imagine the overcrowding if this was done in the winter?

  5. Ann Eggleston says

    Because permanent residents have already bought a home. The snowbirds come back and tell us how lucky we are to have all this year round. No, we don’t. Golf courses close for months to recuperate. One comment asks why the people can’t just drive farther to what they want to do. Well, they bought their home because the things they like are nearby. I know no one told us that the three closest golf courses would be closed four months of the year. The four months when you can get a tee time for somewhere around the time people want to play. Gotta sell the dream.

  6. Roy Bill says

    The writer’s comments are absolutely valid. The Villages is a tourist spot no different than any seaside town or seasonal destination you can think of. The main road areas are kept lush and attractive while the “interior” views (and courses) are bare and neglected. Our “Hometown” is a business and although not what the founder had in mind, it is what it is.
    By the way, only full time residents are qualified to respond to this letter.

  7. Marsha Silagy says

    This is an “ALL ABOUT ME” observation on the writers part. Think about it……..why would The Villages do maintenance work during the winter season when there are many renters here paying $3000, $4000, or even more for rent only to find the facilities closed for remodeling. The smart thing to do is what The Villages does and it is to complete this work when there are the least amount of both temporary and permanent residents.

    My advice to you is to get in your golf car or your car or however you get around and find somewhere else to do what it is you like to do. There are plenty of options. Or MOVE somewhere where they cater to YOU and your own selfish desires. Self centeredness has most likely been a part of you your entire life!

    • Ann Eggleston says

      Why is your advice to move? For one thing many don’t want to. Many can’t afford to. Many don’t want to go to all that trouble. Maybe if we had been told when we bought our homes that many of the amenities we pay for and bought a home near for convenience would be closed for 2-4 months a year, we’d have had second thoughts. Amenities are often over crowded during the season and we look forward to when it is less crowded to enjoy them. But they close and we can’t use them. TV sells their homes by touting the amenities so it is somewhat dishonest to let people buy based on what they are tokdvonlyvto find out those things are not available all year. We bought into a community. Not a tourist spot.

  8. Collis Gary says

    Your question has merit, but if you think of it logically, why wouldn’t the “powers that be” perform major maintenance projects now that the population is reduced? Every business I can think of, from sports to hotels, perform their major maintenance or construction projects in their “off season”. Isn’t snowbird season the high season for The Villages, and April through November (give or take a month) the off season? Let’s face it, there are going to be complains whenever there is a closure of facilities for any reason, and wouldn’t there be a lot more complaints if the facility was closed during the January through March time frame? Just a thought.

    • Greg Richardson says

      Collis Gary – good response – For those that haven’t noticed PUBLIX recently closed for remodeling their store in Spanish Plaines Center on Bella Cruze. I think the people at Publix are smarter than a fifth grader.

      I’m sure the returning snowbirds will be pleasantly surprised.

    • Sherrie Hyer says

      We were told in water aerobics class that they would refurbish Savannah pool in January when it was colder and not as many people come to class.( 25 max) It was put off. Now it takes two months not one to get the repairs done? We have had tiles missing on the East side of the pool for over two years and you can cut your feet if you don’t wear shoes in the pool! Maybe it’s because we are North of 466 problems.

  9. LiZa Adkison says

    Cecily, you are absolutely correct, but common sense is not the rule of the day… those that make the decisions do not live here, so they do not care

    • Claudette Catanese says

      And, if you cut your arm in January but getting it fixed then would turn off the snowbirds, wouldn’t you wait till May/June to fix it??? It’s all about the money.

  10. Yvonne Dillaha says

    This is not hate mail, but why don’t you check with the “powers that be”? You have a very valid, sensible question. To add to your question, those winter months are the dry months, too. Our rainy season normally starts in May, which could have something to do with how long it takes them. Why would they work in the lightning and rain storms; why not when they don’t have that kind of weather in winter?

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