Gas lines showing up again in Villages after departure of Hurricane Irma

Gas lines returned to The Villages on Tuesday in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

A long line was spotted at the Marathon service station located at Pinellas Plaza on County Road 466A.

A gas line formed Tuesday afternoon on County Road 466A at the Marathon station.

A gas line formed Tuesday afternoon on County Road 466A at the Marathon station.

Gov. Rick Scott had warned residents to be prepared for a second round of gas lines as residents who sought refuge elsewhere attempt to return to their homes in Florida.

Getting gas has proven problematic in Florida during Irma.

Florida does not have any crude oil refineries and relies on petroleum products delivered by tanker and barge to Florida marine terminals, primarily at the ports of Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Port Canaveral, Port Manatee and Port Everglades.

Most of these ports were closed  Saturday as a safety precaution. These ports cannot reopen without passing inspection from the U.S. Coast Guard on all docks, facilities and ports.





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  1. James Radatz says

    The best thing I have seen, most people in these lines, are being courteous and helpful to others. Just maybe, this online, could post an UPDATED gas availability section on the top line, just before the stories.

    • Diane Griffin says

      There is an Internet web site that has gas availability at various stations. If you use zip code 32162 the various gas stations in and around The Villages will be listed.

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