God’s Not Dead is a bible lesson for all


God’s Not Dead is the second of the three part religious trilogy playing at the Rialto Theater in The Villages. Son of God is still playing and Noah should be opening next Friday. Kevin Sorbo, of TV Hercules fame, is the college professor whose introductory request to his first year philosophy students is to write the phrase – God is Dead on a piece of paper and pass it to the isle. A single student refuses to follow the professors instructions and you now have the outline of the conflict necessary to bring a story line to the screen. What follows is a Gaither Family Christian Revival brought to the big screen. Kevin Sorbo stars as the “I hate God” professor whose prayers to save his dying mother at the age of 12 were not answered. The movie then proceeds with a series of challenges to God’s existence as experienced through the lives of the young people in this college class. Sorbo has been quoted as posing the question ” Why is there a fear of God in Hollywood?” This movie is his ” I am a Christian and proud of it” reply to his own rhetorical question. If you are a Christian, the predictable story lines will serve to reinforce your faith. If you are not, you may find the story lines a bit preachy but the purpose not offensive. Rating: “A -B-S-F-A = A Bible Study For All.God’s Not Dead is playing exclusively at the Rialto Theater in The Villages.