Golf carts need to slow down


To the Editor:

What is the matter with golf cart drivers? Why in such a hurry? Just look at drivers that do not stop for stop signs, quite a few don’t even slow down. Turn signals? That’s a joke. And the police do nothing.
We have been here for seven years in The Villages and have never heard of anyone receiving a ticket for stop sign violations. So people slow down we are all on the 18th hole here.

George Husick
Village of Country Club Hills


  1. Golf carts, or not golf carts — of the Villages. For some reason, the Villages decided to make all areas of their city available to people in golf carts. A good idea as you age in Gods waiting room. It is easier and safer than a car as you get up there in age. Some believe that if they own a golf cart it must look like a grand prix racer, large dump truck. Army attack vehicle, or their dream 1950’s car. The problem with the newer golf carts is they are getting bigger and bigger. I saw a golf cart that looks like an off-road vehicle, was high enough and wide enough to jump my cart, was super-fast and with camouflage panting. Now that is something that you might want on the golf course. The Villages golf cart shop will not sell or add speed components to a golf cart. It must meet certain requirements for safety and speed. But there is the group that believes if they have a golf cart it must go as fast as possible. Many add high speed motors or tweak the equipment they have to make it go faster than laws allow. I believe that 20mph is the speed limit on the cart paths which are now multi-modal paths due mostly to the volume of people and range of ages now living in the city of the Villages. If my cart is rated at 19.5mph and another cart passes me as if I were in reverse, the passing cart is going too fast for the original purpose of the cart. The Sumter County Sheriff’s office could run radar on the paths but I can’t see the county putting a uniformed officer out to hide in the bushes with a radar gun and a ticket book. Mostly it gets down to putting regulation on what is a golf cart, how big it can be, and how fast it can go if it used on the multi-modal city paths of the villages. I even see people with dogs of all sizes that are too lazy to walk their dogs. Down the paths they fly dragging a dog on a leash that is trying to keep up. The dog may have a heart attack put the person will never break a sweat. Ahhhh – Life in the Villages. Old people with hot rod golf carts and dog torture carts, what a way to live.

  2. I read lots of replies on here some good some bad.

    We are always rabbiting on regarding ‘compliance rules ‘ when coming to live in TV, regarding. ornaments/crosses etc, on ones frontage and then state ‘it you don’t like the compliance rules then leave’. Well ‘compliance rules’ also relates to driving. stick to the speed limits, stick to the stop signs, stop cutting corners etc. these are also compliance rules of TV, so if you don’t like these rules’ then practice what you preach’ and move.

  3. For the author of this article, “who among us can cast the first stone?” As far as more police observance, be careful what you wish for. Accidents are what they are called, I’m sure 99% of them are not planned or deliberate. I’m sure some could be avoided, but some fall getting out of bed, should we stay in bed all the time?

  4. George
    Say what you want about whomever you want, but that line …”And the police do nothing” is the most uneducated, irresponsible, disrespectful and just plain idiotic thing you could have said! You have no stats, you’ve done no research! All you have is disrespect! You need to stop and just think about who is on the other end when you dial 911. What exactly is it you gain by bad mouthing LE in a public forum? I’m just sick of this and similar lines used in judgement by too many. Just think before you speak.

  5. I’ve heard numerous times about tickets being issued and rightly so. I have never heard of a law against passing a slower vehicle, so long as you don’t break the speed limit for your cart. I have no problem with someone driving slowly and carefully. The most common problems that I see are lack of signaling, including hand signals, and ignoring stop signs.

    • SCSO LT Siemer will tell you that you can pass (MMP on CR) only if the MMP is blocked. Tickets have run $900+ and $1200+, depending. Nobody knows the ruleset…and we pass slower everything with abandon and a perhaps swell of pride. It’s TV, yes?

  6. I was following a cart the other day doing 12mph. WTF! I understand some folks are too feeble to react or see well but don’t you dare tell me I don’t have a right to pass them. We are not all on our death bed. It’s close to an hour to get from one end of this place to another so who the hell are you to tell me to take it slow?
    As for stop signs, what idiot put that one at Freedom Pointe on a one way exit from a 10 car parking lot that is almost always empty? Can’t the Bozos that put up signs spell YIELD?
    Many accidents are caused by people driving so slow they bottle up the traffic behind them. You can be careless and slow as easily as careless and fast.

    • Len Pittsacado: I am glad I don’t know you. You sound very unpleasant. I frequently drive under 20 looking at how folks have landscaped and just enjoying the beauty of TV. Sorry if that bothers you.

      I think if you ask the police they would just laugh at you if you made that statement that accidents are caused by driving too slowlyly. I have seen the aftermath of 4 golf cart accidents here in the villages where the carts are flipped on their side. These accidents were caused by taking a corner too fast not to slowly. The stop signs and gates are here to slow people down … get use to it.

      • Maybe they should, but they are not. If it says STOP, then please do so. I don’t believe there are “accidents”, there are careless drivers. It’s all about “Me, me me” and screw the other guy.

    • Len, if an accident happens in bottled up traffic behind a slower driver, it is the fault of the impatient tailgaters, not the slow driver. You don’t know why the car is going slowly, perhaps having engine problems, maybe a child or dog is trying to cross the street, he/she has a right to go slower. If you can safely pass, without being rude, then do so!

      I do agree that SOME stop signs could be replaced with Yield signs, when, as you mentioned, a parking lot is involved. However, it is smart to have developed the habit of coming to a full stop at all Stop signs.

      Losing patience behind the wheel of a car, or a golf cart, becomes a good formula for getting a ticket, or worse. If you, somehow, KNEW in advance that you’d be involved in a wreck today, would you drive any differently?

    • my comment was not about passing a slower cart,no problem there, its about folks that do not stop for stop signs and those who don’t even slow down and go through them. to many carts go 25 to 30 mph.

  7. Slow down? Drive the speed limit? Drive with respect? Stop at stop signs? These rules are made for normal people. Remember, this area, and all of our communities are filled with those ‘SPECIAL PEOPLE’ that are too good to live by the rules. For the rest of us, enjoy ourselves and ignore those ignorant ‘special creeps’.