Golfers will have to keep golf carts on paths at some courses due to drought  

Due to drought conditions, the following golf courses will be “Cart Path Only” beginning Monday, May 15:
•Bonita Pass
•Tarpon Boil
•De La Vista
When playing these courses, golfers are asked to refrain from driving golf carts off of the cart path. This includes those residents playing with a Reasonable Accommodation Tag. Those tags will not be recognized during this time at these golf courses.
If you have any questions or need additional information on this transition, contact District Executive Golf Offices at 753-3396.





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  1. Chip Griffen says

    Just wait til someone with a disability and the ADA tell TV just where they can go with this “rule enforcement”. Simply, they will have to close the course if they can not provide accommodation to those with disabilities.

      • Chip Griffen says

        Um, not exactly. Seen it time and again – one of our facilities we had to “accommodate” over 300 toilets to be rated for 600lbs “users”…thanks to one miserable fat woman (who did not break a toilet rated at 350lbs using it)…I guess it was “reasonable” to assume there would be more than one 600lbs “user”…LOL…ADA is a PITA, and someone with a disability can NOT be denied access to something that an able bodied person can…what if the “Golfer” is in a scooter?

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