It’s good to know our homes are well built

Letter to the Editor:

All too often, many of us are eager to criticize the Developer for the speed at which they build our homes.
Ten years ago, when we purchased our home, we were told these homes met stringent building codes to be able to withstand hurricane winds up to 135 or 145 mph. My husband and I have often thought this was just a marketing ploy. After last night, with Hurricane Irma barreling through The Villages, we are now firm believers that these homes truly are built well, even if they are built quickly!
It sounded like a freight train outside! The winds were howling. Our house did not shake, did not rattle. We felt very safe and secure and we are in a FRAME ranch! I can only imagine how secure the poured concrete or concrete block homes are.
We are exceptionally impressed with how well-built our ranch is. We have absolutely no structural damage of any kind! We had significant landscape damage, but no damage to the house itself. Plus, we are very close to the peak of one of the few hills in The Villages, so I assume we would be buffeted more than a home which sits lower and is more protected. Good to know our homes are well-built.

Deb Zaranti
Village of Amelia





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  1. Rich McIntyre says

    Hunter – Perhaps instead of mocking people you could just use some common sense and just shut up. If you do not share or understand someone else’s feelings or beliefs take comfort in the fact that they probably don’t care.

  2. Fran Kennedy says

    God…reminds me of some song lyrics to: And When I Die

    “I can swear there ain’t no heaven, but I pray there ain’t no hell.”

    That line sums it all up for me.

  3. Earle Russell says

    I do not believe that the homes in the Villages have hurricane tie down strapping on the wall studs to pad or roof with trusses tied together or trusses tied to poured cell in block. The windows are not hurricane standard.They should be code anywhere in FL.

  4. Eddie Dalton says

    I also agree. I stayed with a fiend who has a patio villa and no problems at all. Just 2 fence post down which were easily reattached. Never lost power and no flooding at all. House is very well built. Kudos to the builders.

  5. Connie Chiappetta says

    I too live in Amelia in a frame ranch home. I agree with Deb Zaranti. My home did not rattle, creak or whistle. The doors and window were secure. Did not lose any roof shingles, siding or shutters.
    I am very thankful for the way these homes were constructed and the fact that we have underground utilities. I don’t care how fast they build homes as long as they are all built like ours.

    • Elwood White says

      Connie, I agree, I to live in an Amarillo, in Tall Trees, and felt very safe. On Monday afternoon I found about 10 roof shingles, six of those were cap shingles. I assume they are all mine, but my neighbor has the same shingle. Did not loose power at all and only lost my Dish signal a couple times, but came right back. My one Palm tree to a bit of a beating, but is still standing. All in all very happy with the end results.

  6. Joe Blanc says

    let us also not forget the power grid here in TV it is TOP NOTCH. With most of the state out power the largest percentage of us never lost it. Although I do believe one feeder tripped at about 1:30AM as my cable box had to reset itself and the lights blinked. Looking at the substations we have they are a work of art. Of course only a man would see a sub station as a work of art.

    • LiZa Adkison says

      Joe, a lowly woman here, but i agree the sub stations keeping us from flooding problems, are a MIRACULOUS work of art… am very thankful we did not lose power… have 4 freezers (don’t ask me why) full of food/steaks, so am happy, but would also have enjoyed a neighborhood grillapalooza… advised all in the area to come by with plate/steak knife and fork, should we lose power… we are blessed, 2 fold… believe the developer has done a good job and that GOD showed mercy on all us geezers!!!

      • Hunter Hampton says

        Maybe you could help me with something. If God could show mercy, couldn’t God have prevented the hurricane in the first place? Why would God send it, destroy so much, kill so many and show us geezers mercy? I don’t understand that train of thought.

          • Hunter Hampton says

            LOL, I laugh at them, I don’t duck. I just don’t understand how they think the way they do, which flies in the face of all logic. Why would anyone support someone who would “send his son to suffer and die such a miserable death” Why do they thank God for saving them, instead of thinking he, or she, sent the hurricane. It’s crazy to me, I was hoping for an explanation…. I guess it’s one of those, “God works in mysterious ways” situations.

          • Claudette Catanese says

            Hunter, I wonder if you’ll be laughing when your judgement day arrives???

            Or if you will ask God for his mercy and forgiveness for being an unbeliever?

        • Rob Michaels says

          I think you fall into the same trap that fundamentalist Christians fall into. As a seminarian, we were (correctly) instructed that most religious maturity stops at an eighth grade level.

          God is a magician. God gets angry. God Blesses. Etc. Etc. Sadly, we make God in our Image, instead of the other way around. Presuming that “God” is the all powerful essence of our being, ALL is in God, all is love, and the petty bickering and blaming is NOT of God (because it’s not REAL).

          God does not “reign” above us with good or bad actions. Mature faith understands that God simply “IS.”

        • Len Pittsacado says

          Hunter, if everything on earth was always peachy keen, then what would be the point of life? Every day is a test and how we respond to all these tests makes up the story of our life. You can act bewildered all you want. If you don’t believe in God then you believe that nothing created everything. Now that’s just about the strangest idea I ever heard of.

          • Hunter Hampton says

            Clearly, worse a myth designed to frighten people. I just wonder how believers justify thinking God saved them from something that it seems they believe God sent.

          • LiZa Adkison says

            Hunter, God’s Word says, “every good and perfect gift, comes down from the Father above”…this will differ in various translations, but the principle is the same>>>hurricanes, tornadoes, illnesses, accidents yada-yada, are NOT good and they are NOT perfect… sooooooooooo, don’t FOOLISHLY attribute them to the GOD of the universe…Hunter, when you die and they get you all dressed up, i don’t know where you think you’re going, but i KNOW where i am going…you and double-minded Richard have a good time, you deserve each other

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