Hosting more than a dozen community listening sessions

Congressman Daniel Webster

Congressman Daniel Webster

It’s been great to be in the district. I love being in our communities learning more about what makes each one unique, the challenges you are facing and how I can better serve the constituents of Florida District 11.  

Every year since being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives I’ve hosted community listening sessions. These are small neighborhood gatherings that usually occur throughout the spring, summer and fall. Neighborhood residents are notified through various means, including by phone and mail. 

During this April recess, I will host more than a dozen listening sessions in neighborhoods across the district. I will host more of these throughout the year, so if we are not in your neighborhood this time we likely will be later in the year.

Thank you to the many who attended this first round of listening sessions. I appreciate you sharing your concerns with me.

Congressman Daniel Webster represents The Villages in the U.S. House of Representatives.


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  1. Kathy Malek Palermo says

    The new Trump care is even crueler than the last GOP plan: The study finds premiums would likely soar for the sick, probably pushing them off coverage. Especially the Eldery contact you congressman tell them to VOTE NO!!

  2. J.T. Palermo says

    Conservatives don’t accept change well and generally feel threatened by anything that threatens their ideology; those threats that they feel feed their “negative bias” into calls for tougher law enforcement , a stronger than needed military, support for unfettered, widespread access to guns, and tougher immigration of a selected few. I wonder which side of history these loyalists would have been on when this country was separating from “the motherland”. Those loyalist, derogatorally called “Torries” by the progressive colonists who wanted to separate from England. This was the “Age of Enlightenment” for those nasty progressive lefties, such as Thomas Paine a political activist, Thomas Jefferson, and the other Framers of our constitution. Imagine such progressive radical ideas that all men are created equal, freedom of religion that threatened the power of the king who ruled by Devine Rule, freedom of speech. My, my, what were these radicals thinking when they plunged the colonies into such a period of great civil unrest, and revolution. How dare they challenge mighty ol’ England. How dare they take to the streets in protest. How dare they throw that tea into the Boston harbor.

  3. Kathy Malek Palermo says

    Daniel Webster, when congress goes to vote on this Health Care act again, it’s not any better, and you better vote NO when it goes to congress. We need Health Care
    that is good for the Elderly, Middle Class, Poor, not the rich and big business. We do not want risk pools, we want excellent coverage, low deductibles, low copay, low cost prescriptions at a cost everyone can afford, do not touch Medicare,Medicaid or Social Security. We need excellent coverage for women and children. If you cannot do this then just take the ACA and fix what is not working right in that.

      • J.T. Palermo says

        So this is your best reply Claudette? If you want to debate someone give some supporting evidence for why you disagree. Do you really feel Kathy’s goals for healthcare are not what the majority of Americans want? Do you support the “Trump Healthcare” plan that takes away benefits from ordinary Americans, to provide money for a tax cut plan to benefit the wealthy? You don’t get it do you; the U.S. is a government by oligarchy.

  4. Sandy Maerten Zellner Tortorete says

    When will you stop listening and start doing? Oh yeh…you’ll do what your party tells you to do. Shamefully party politics!

  5. Marsha Shearer says

    Communication is defined by two-way interaction. That did not take place. It was weird to ask a question, get no response….verbal or otherwise … and the mic moved on to the next person and the next. It was like talking to a cardboard cut-out. Frankly, it felt demeaning but perhaps that was the intent. He took 10 minutes at the end for a canned speech justifying his votes but again, he allowed no opportunity for give and take.

    You know you are being heard when the person you were talking to responds. Some ‘listening session.’ Not.

  6. Marsha Silagy says

    Webster, just back your republican party and support the party so that things get done. Otherwise these liberals will get more control and nothing will get done!

    • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

      Marsha Silagy

      I have to disagree with you. If the Democrats get to control much would get done.

      Here are a few examples of their agenda:

      Open borders no vetting

      sanctuary cities to protect the illegal aliens. American citizens don’t count for protection.

      2nd amendment reform. Meaning the government will start to have control over our ability to defend ourselves.

      Establishing”safe space” when they get “scared”

      illegal aliens will have the same rights as born Americans

      Free entrance to colleges before our American kids

      bathrooms built for people that can’t figure out what they are that day. I am told I have to expose my children to this.

      disrespect for our laws and our law enforcement

      rioting is allowed, the snowflakes have a right to express themselves

      Freedom of speech will only be allowed for the progressive liberal Democrats

      Become closer friends with Iran like their previous leader Obama

      Everything will be FREE the government will pay for all our needs.
      More government control over our lives

      defacing & burning of the America flag is perfectly fine with them. Freedom of expression for progressive liberals only

      All this we are missing because of the Republicans. A shame, isn’t it?

  7. charles thompson says

    Democrats: Your leader, the Absolutely INSANE Perez. Babbling, drooling crazy. Spittle flying from his ranting lips. Eyes rolling. Incoherent. Cursing. Wildly. Certifiable. Average Democrat.

    • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

      Perez is nothing more than a radical progressive liberal. Another idiot that wants us globalised with open borders.
      The Democrats are so corrupt as noted in the last election Perez probably as corrupt.
      The Democratic party will lose more people with

  8. Lou Maruzo says

    We need doers, not listeners. And please stop answering letters with more form letters that say really nothing, and often times don’t even address the issue or question you were asked.

  9. Dana Pennycamp says

    Steve, More than likely any healthcare reforms will help out Hospitals and Insurance Industry, the end user the People is the last which is considered, just as buying insurance across state lines is not a federal issue but state control when it comes to individual policies yet corporate healthcare insurance is permitted.

    • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

      Democrats = No Bible= noTestaments
      “Current Republican & and Democrat Policy Orientations”

      Democrats – opposes prayers in public schools
      Republicans – favors prayers in public schools

      • Sandy Maerten Zellner Tortorete says

        For Christ sake! “Judge not least you be judged”. How dare you make these assertions? What a “Christian ” you are!

        • Claudette Catanese says

          What Christians are you and Steve? Why do you find it necessary to use Christ in your posts? I’m sure you did not get His permission nor would He agree with you!!!

        • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

          Sandy Maerten Zellner Tortorete,

          This was right out of the internet. And yes, I dare say!!!!

          The hate you people spread is NOT “Christianity” is about. I guess you don’t have a clue tho.

          You have the ‘GALL” to say
          ” “Judge not least you be judged” What do you do everyday to President Trump and us Republicans conservatives?
          NO conservates ever act the way you progressive liberals do.
          You liberal progressive are nothing more than hateful hyocrites!!!!

          • Hunter Hampton says

            You really make me laugh,when you talk about Christ…. you know, that dark skinned middle eastern guy you worship. He was the biggest liberal of all. “But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?” He’s rolling in his cave at the people who call themselves Christians.

          • Linda Hallinan says

            Conservatives ignore the parts of Christianity that they don’t want to follow. They are the true hypocrites.

          • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

            Linda ,

            Give it a break……..Conservatives in the Bible belt always vote Republican.
            Pray tell me all about how much of hypocrites we are.
            Hate isn’t one of our vultures like you hate our America stand for or our President.
            Do tell me all about your Christianty loser

          • Linda Hallinan says

            Mary, what exactly are you talking about? Your response to my comment makes no sense at all. Maybe next time…

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