Hudson Morse Parr Preserve

To the Editor:

This area has had 20+ years to grow into an overgrown trashy area.
Where is the money set aside for the preserve the last 20+ years?  If this is part of our assessment fees, where is it?  If none was set aside, who is/was responsible for the overseeing of such a task?  The office/people in charge of the landscaping and maintenance should have had the area maintained at least twice a year. This is typical of how our political system works, let it go until it is almost un-fixable and then “stick it to the people.”

Why do we have to pay for the same things twice?

Betty Anderson
Village of Rio Ponderosa





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  1. Don Baldwin says

    Betty…a “Preserve”…isn’t a “park”…it’s SUPPOSED to be left “natural”.

    Guess you SHOULD have bought on a golf course and not a preserve/swamp.

    • Betty Anderson says

      Don,the villages says it is the “invading species” in the preserve That needs to be removed.. You want this to continue? What about the Boa Constrictors in our swamps, do you want them left to nature too? As you know, they have no natural enemies here, they are also an invading species, (not natural to this area) Lets face it, somethings just need human intervention at some place in time.

      Do you enjoy looking at the Preserve that isn’t there?? Guess so.

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