Husband and wife both get holes-in-one in same month

It’s becoming a normal happening in The Villages – a man and wife both having holes-in-one on their resume.

Where it used to be the norm for one partner to have the bragging rights of the household, others are striving more and more to match the feat.

Brenda Terranova recently got a hole-in-one at Glenview Champions Country Club.

Brenda Terranova recently got a hole-in-one at Glenview Champions Country Club.

Brenda Terranova is one of the latest to match her partners feat and now can counter any bragging by husband Joseph with a tale of her own.

On Dec. 29, Brenda accomplished the feat on the fourth hole of the Fox Run course at Glenview Champions Country Club.

Brenda wasted no time in matching Joseph’s hole-in-one as he accomplished his on the island hole at Belle Glade on Dec. 8.

It was Brenda’s first hole in one in 40 years of playing golf.

She has come close before.

“Many years ago in Wisconsin, I came close,” Brenda said. “I came within inches.”

This time, Brenda watched in go straight to the hole.

“It popped up on the green and rolled into the hole,” she recalled.

In fact, you could say Brenda almost had a premonition of greatness to come as she stepped to the tee.

“I was playing with the girls and I said ‘What about an ace’,” Brenda said. “I hit the ball and it went into the hole for an ace.”

Brenda said she realistically puts more effort in hitting a hole in one on the par-3 holes.

“I try for them more on the par-3s,” she said of holes-in-one. “I focus on the par-3s.”

After her round, Brenda hurried home to the Terranovas’ residence in the Village of Buttonwood to announce her feat to Joseph and brag a bit.

“I rushed home right away to tell him,” Brenda said.

Now the ball is in Joseph’s court.




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