Johnny Rockets to try experimental menu featuring fish and chips, healthy salads


There are a few hundred Johnny Rockets restaurants in the U.S. but the one in The Villages was picked to start an experimental menu.

George Suleiman shows new menu for Johnny Rockets in The Villages. The restaurant at Lake Sumter Landing will test the new menu for the national restaurant called chain.
George Suleiman shows new menu for Johnny Rockets in The Villages.

“We’re going to be the test model and we love this  opportunity,” said George Suleiman, who, with help from his family, runs the popular restaurant in Lake Sumter Landing.

It was Suleiman who proposed the new menu ideas to the national Johnny Rockets franchise organization. He wanted more variety and healthy meal alternatives. Now such items as fish and chips, gourmet  burgers and healthy salads will be available.

“We’re wanted to be more than just a place for a shake and a hamburger,” Suleiman said. “We’ve got about 10 new items and expanded the menu 25 percent. The national organization loved the idea so we’re doing it.”

Johnny Rockets in The Villages has been one of the top performers for the company, Suleiman said. He and his family have operated it for six years.

“We were nervous in the beginning but we’ve come a long way,” Suleiman said, adding the restaurant will hold a special promotion for the new menu on Wednesday, Aug. 9.

“It would be great if our new menu goes national,” Suleiman said. 


  1. Another description for fish and chips is Fried Food. Nothing healthy about that or gourmet burgers either. Amazing to me how many old folks still enjoy greasy spoons like JR’s. But then I never envisioned so many old fools falling off bar stools at this age either.

  2. Johnny Rockets, one of my favorite restaurants in The Villages and, with this new menu, I’m going to be there even more often. Hope the new menu is a big success and still in effect when I return in November.

    As for birds and flies, the birds are cute and I have hardly ever been bothered by the flies. Maybe once in my 9 winters in TV did a fly land in my iced tea and then the server got me another one no charge. Johnny Rockets has excellent customer service.

  3. I’d like to see Sulieman do something about the outdoor eating situation. The files are terrible and just as bad are the birds that hawk empty tables for food. Seems to me a screened in area would do the trick. That feels more important than a new menu. to me.