Katie Belle’s evacuated after firefighters called to investigate report of smoke

The Villages Public Safety Department responded Saturday night to a report of smoke at Katie Belle’s in Spanish Springs Town Square.

Mega-popular band Rocky and the Rollers were playing at Katie Belle’s when the fire department was called at about 6:30 p.m.

The venue had to be evacuated.

It appeared to be smoke coming from an air conditioning unit.

Chico’s was also evacuated.

The Villages Public Safety Department was called Saturday night to Katie Belle's.

The Villages Public Safety Department was called Saturday night to Katie Belle’s.

Katie Belle's had to be evacuated.

Katie Belle’s had to be evacuated.




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  1. James Radatz says

    When an issue such as this occurs, it makes one wonder about alternative fire escapes. Just maybe, one with an inventive mind, could come up with an emergency exit slide, similar to those on an airplane. Even, the most handicapped, could be placed on the slide, once a healthy person is at the bottom to assist. Build it, register it, remember where you read it first.

  2. Bob Cochran says

    Maybe Steve was trying to be funny. Unfortunately elevators are usually not used when there is a fire warning. Many of the people up there may have needed to use the elevator to get down.

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