Lady Lake commissioners seeking citizens’ input on medical marijuana

The Lady Lake Commission has approved a 180-day moratorium on licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries or treatment facilities.

Mayor Jim Richards noted at Monday’s meeting that this past November, Lady Lake residents voted 2-1 in favor of medical marijuana. “It would be good to get some feedback from our constituents on the direction they’d like to see us take,” Richards said. Commissioners agreed they would like to hear from residents on the topic.

The commission will likely schedule a workshop on the topic in the near future.


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  1. James Pope says

    This is just a first step to legalize it for everyone. How can we tell if my pilot or the truck driver or police officer didn’t just take it for MEDICAL REASONS?

    • Chip Griffen says

      Many, tons…lots and lots of cops have RX opioids in their system every day. Lots…not at all uncommon.

      FAA has not and will not give a pass. Truck driver? Can you remember NAFTA?

    • Chip Griffen says

      Exactly. Why not put it next to the booze that sells like popcorn in a theater here? Or, behind any RX counter. Chances of a robbery for it is far lower than that of opioids. But, taxes are not quite the same….and, any bets the po-po sits outside.

  2. Gloria Dipinto says

    Well the Truth Chip is that the legislators ( most ) in the State did not like the whole process and product and are looking for a way to kill it . They do not think or Treat it as a Treatment for medical issues but more like an illegal drug That’s why these ” Delay Tactics ” . Geno .

    • Chip Griffen says

      I am not confused about the realities. I am also never shocked about Govt. Corruption (even more so from the idiots on the “left”). But, trying to create an adjunct process after an electorate has “spoken” – well, that would time to impeach.

      If I had to guess. Currently, they are trying to find out “what is in it for them” and or allowing their friends and families first crack at applying for permits….

  3. Chip Griffen says

    Okay. Now, if I use this story to garner my “facts”. Citizens voted, I make the assumption that they voted during an election.

    So, that in and of itself would be the “feedback and direction” of the people. What more are they looking for? There was a vote on the matter, the matter passed on (again, from the story) a 2-1 margin (or 66.66% to 33.33%)…I am confused as to what they are trying to figure out.

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