Lady Lake man stabs pit bull attacking three-month-old puppy


A Lady Lake man used a kitchen knife to stab a Pit Bull that attacked a three-month-old Labrador/Pit Bull mix puppy.

Lady Lake police and an animal control officer were called to a house in the April Hills Subdivision at about 10 p.m. Easter Sunday.

The man told officers that someone mistakenly had let the Pit Bull out while the puppy was out. The Pit Bull attacked the puppy and the man stabbed the Pit Bull to try to get it to release the puppy.   

The puppy was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic and the animal control officer took custody of the Pit Bull.

The man and his stepson were treated at the scene by EMS personnel.


    • Read the stats for dog bites and deaths from dog bites among different breeds. Put Bulls have been bred to be mean for so many years it’s hard to know what you are getting. They kill at a much higher rate, much higher than any other breed. Their bite is different. They do not let go. They lock on multiple times often breaking bones and can easily tear arteries. There is a reason they are not used for Police K-9 work. They are unpredictable and cannot always be controlled by their owners.