Lightning suspected in house fire in Village of Collier

A lightning strike is suspected of sparking a house fire shortly after noon Monday in the Village of Collier.

The Villages Public Safety Department responded to the fire at the home of Don and Nancy Corpron at 1915 Wentworth Lane. She was home at the time, but was not injured.

The bulk of the damage was contained to the attic and garage.

Emergency personnel were on the scene of a fire in the Village of Collier.

Emergency personnel were on the scene of a fire in the Village of Collier.

SECO Energy responded to the scene to cut power to the residence.

Villager Len Hathaway offers tips on how to protect your home from lightning.





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  1. James Radatz says

    Another reason to support our firefighters and demand that everyone sit down at the table and provide a working contract, Yes, these crews need a 3 man team.

  2. LeeGilpin says

    Our firefighters/union/District government negotiations are in the news pretty often of late. I’m working on a comment Neil Shulman’s Sunday morning letter to the editor. I think my line of thought will be new and different than the many others on that letter and other related articles I have read.

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