Man cited for driving without license in Sumter County arrested after caught driving in Lady Lake

Armando Castro-Hernandez
Armando Castro-Hernandez

A 37-year-old man cited a few days earlier in Sumter County for driving without a valid license was arrested again Tuesday afternoon in Lady Lake.

Armando A. Castro-Hernandez had been driving on U.S. Hwy. 27/441 when a Lady Lake police officer noticed his vehicle had a Florida license plate with a Georgia decal attached to it.

The officer found that Castro-Hernandez’s license had been suspended April 17 for failure to appear on a traffic summons.

Castro-Hernandez told the police officer he had been in Mexico and had not appeared in court. He also said he had been cited a few days earlier in Sumter County for driving while license suspended without knowledge.

The officer also found previous suspensions in both Florida and Georgia dating back to 2010.


  1. It’s time to pull this guy’s green card and give him transportation back to Mexico. 95% of the Mexicans I know, are busting their behinds, paying their bills, their taxes and have a want for the better life. However, it’s creeps like this one that make it hard for the honest many.

  2. When will we ever stop releasing folks like this guy instead of sending him back to his home country! People wonder why he automobile insurance is so expensive, well here is the reason! No drivers license, no insurance and no responsibility! Send this guy back to where he belongs until he can figure out how to be here legal with a legal drivers license!