Misguided motorist drives onto multi-modal path near Pinellas gate

Villager Sandra Randell snapped this photo Tuesday of a car on a golf cart path.

Villager Sandra Randell snapped this photo Tuesday of a car on a golf cart path.

A misguided motorist drove onto the multi-modal path Tuesday afternoon near the Village of Pinellas gate.

At about 1 p.m., Sandra Randell of the Village of LaBelle was riding in a rented four-seater golf cart “showing our visitors the delights of The Villages.”

That’s when a car had crossed the median ahead of the gate arms and attempted to drive up the cart path before being stopped, she said.

Randell was able to snap a photo of the car on the multi-modal path.

Of course, you can occasionally spot a car on the golf cart paths. You can read more about that HERE

In December, a golf cart strayed onto County Road 466A. You can read more about that incident HERE

Earlier in 2016,a golf cart was spotted heading down County Road 466. You can read about that incident HERE

To encourage golf cart safety, the District Office offers several educational materials available to help inform both residents and guests about safety. Golf cart safety brochures are available in the Customer Service Center located at 984 Old Mill Run. You can also view a video addressing many of the concerns related to golf cart safety in The Villages by clicking here.


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  1. Carol Ford says

    This happens, just stop and let them know or help them get off the golf cart path. It is a mistake, more important things to worry about. I have helped people to get off the path

  2. Hunter Hampton says

    Almost happened to a friend and me. At Colony in the dark. Was at the light with left blinker on to turn on what looked like a road, fortunately a guy in a golf cart came up to the passenger window and told us before my friend turned left…..

    • Deborah Zaranti says

      Jan, not sure if you mean a motorcycle or a motor scooter. As long as the motor scooters are 50 cc’s or less, they are allowed on the multi modal paths. Anything above that, which would be a motorcycle, is not.

      • Steve Robinson says

        According to The Villages VCCDD website ANY motor vehicle is restricted from the multi-modal trails (except golf carts and segways, which are not considered “motor vehicles” even though they have a motor). Even mopeds can only be used on the MMS’s if they are being powered soley by human power. There is no engine size guideline (50 cc’s or less). A scooter is a scooter and must be driven on the street.

        • Deborah Zaranti says

          Steve, they must have changed this (or we got bad info). When we moved here years ago, hubby had a scooter. He asked our Villages real estate agent who was a former cop) & he told us under 50 ccs we’re OK on the MMPs. Thanks for the update, good to know. (He sold the scooter years ago).

  3. Jeff Summerfield says

    Not as if the driver has got far along the path, and with what appears to be no bollard to separate and reduce width of cart path, and honest mistake blown up to be an ‘event.’
    News must be scarce at the moment.

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