The Morse family is in the business of building homes


To the Editor:

The Morse family is in the business of building homes. Building homes, lots of them, is what brings businesses to The Villages and makes our lifestyle possible. If you don’t like it here, don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you leave and build your own retirement community.

Nolan “Lon” Bohnstedt
Village of Sunset Pointe


  1. To paraphrase Mr. Bohnstedt: If you don’t like what is going on. please do not try to engage me and others in a civil discourse about it; please do not try to change anything I and others hold to; please do not try to come to a compromise with us; and please leave The Villages, so that the Morris’ ability to dictate to and control the supposedly independent CDDs is increased proportionately.

  2. If the Morse family does not continue building there will be other developments coming in to buy up the land. Better the Morse Family build since we know what to expect with the finished product. Drive around outside of The Villages and see how many new developments are cashing in on the coat tails of the Morse Family.

    • I agree, it’s all going to get developed eventually, if The Villages are the ones doing the development, at least standards can be maintained. Besides, the developers are doing a very good job of building infrastructure the development needs. A bunch of independent, communities pop up and the infrastructure work isn’t going to happen. Besides, the way this community is organized, it’s one “The Villages” but there is enough compartmentalization that say, people in Fenny don’t really have a lot of call to go to Spanish Springs on a regular basis. They have a good formula, it works.

  3. As usual, the subject of how much is too much sprawl development is lost in those who twist or ignore the problems that surface due to over development of areas. The Morse family is lawfully able to develop, no argument there. The developer can develop until their living days are gone. You must look outside of the bubble and see what else is coat tailing the city of the Villages. Just in the central Florida area the number of new homes housing 2 or more with 2+ vehicle demanding infrastructure and services is putting a strain on water, hospitals, roads and much more. Add the new golf courses demanding more water, new apartments, assisted living & memory care development, plus luxury and commercial entities that just the couple hundred thousand in this city demand requires resources beyond imagination. Yes – with the visitors, renters, and hotels it’s a couple hundred thousand. The amount of blacktop and cement alone raises the temperature so everyone can complain “wow this summer is sure a hot one”. Have no fear it will get hotter because of ongoing development. Jobs are created because of development but certain jobs may no longer be needed. That is why some jobs such as construction move on to the next frontier. Job security is the developer’s main idea, not — will the resources be there for the people in the future. Sprawl development doesn’t just affect this area, the villages is affecting all of Florida’s natural resources.
    The counter of — you can’t keep more people from coming is foolish at best. It’s like going to the store and complaining that there is no more produce because the last piece was just sold. Soon the reservoir under your feet will not be able to supply the water. The landfills will be within sight and the sewer will be producing your drinking water. Build and widen the roads; all that has proven to do is bring more vehicles to fill the space created. So, it’s not a matter of can the developer develop, it’s how much development can the natural and created resources maintain.
    Instead of spouting old clichés, think about what tomorrow will bring.

  4. Claudette, no everyone is not the same. I realize that. I’m sorry if you thought I meant that we are. Let me clarify what I meant. I meant that we all have opportunity, but not all opportunity is the same, nor should it be. We ALL have the right and opportunity to be everything we were meant to be. Sometimes it leads to monetary wealth; sometimes it leads to other wealth. Not all wealth is monetary. I envy no one who has more than I do monetarily, and most certainly not the Morses’. I appreciate all they have done and do and for not caving in to those who think they know better. I am very grateful for all that God has given us. We are not rich, nor desire to be. Kudos to those who are.

    Someone once said, ‘Until you are happy and grateful for what you have, you will never appreciate more nor will you be satisfied.’ (Paraphrased)

    • No, Yvonne, I did not think you said everyone is not the same. You clearly said that most “don’t get the concept that everyone is equal”. There is no misunderstanding in your statement. I disagree that all have the right and opportunity to be everything we were meant to be. Rights and opportunities are not the same thing. Example: a high school grad has the right to attend college but that opportunity may not present itself to him.

      If given something, it is never as much appreciated as when you had to work for it. A concept foreign to a large majority of Dems.

  5. It is not wrong to be in the business of building housing developments, even large ones. But some rules should still apply, including not telling prospective buyers that X will be the final part of the development, and not telling them that only residents of THIS development will be able to use the amenities, if all the while the plan is build an unlimited number of future developments, even ones geographically disconnected, and then simply declare them to be part of the existing development, thus devaluing the “exclusive” right to the amenities.

    • That is perfectly correct. Tell you build out is at 80K but keep building. Our houses prices will not go up and we will not have any resale value when wants to move to assisted living or passes away. Many people decide they want to live somewhere else after awhile.
      Perfect solutions would be to leave the Village of Fenney and in that area separate from old Villages. They have their own amenities and do not use ours. Save the interconnector..

      • I agree. The Moris family do build homes but we are more than that. We are a senior only community with regulations and rules govening that.

        We are not a resort or a motel chain. Our community of home owners should realize that fact by making sure our community is well cared for and safe. Short rentals like one day or week prevent that. Occupants need to be engaged in our community not mostly transits.

        Other senior communities around us have limits on time lenght of rentals, etc. One had three months minimum time limit to rent in their community. They do just fine with those restrictions.

        What I find strange is that in my community villas are selling quickly (a week or so) but the value does not go up. Why not raise the price?

        I feel there are so many real estate people here in the Villages making few sales that they are eager to profit as quickly as they can. We are centrally located and in a nice location. New home sales are not effecting our resale. However the real estate persons are keeping our values down.

  6. The Village’s growth is a huge part of support to the economy in Central Florida. If the Morse Family stopped building the masons, electricians, plumbers, installers, roofers, pavers, power washers, landscapers, contractors, servers, managers, clerks, etc would all be out of jobs. Go team Morse! Just remember to include enough infrastructure (pools, golf courses, rec centers, trails, parks, etc that everyone already enjoys!) 🙂

  7. Found this place in 2001, been here every year since. Bought in 2009 for future retirement, upgraded in 2014 and retired. We love this place, it has everything that makes for a very good experience in living. Sometimes I feel like a kid, no worries, just go out and play everyday.
    If you get in a line, so what, I don’t need to be anywhere else or I wouldn’t be there. Life is what you make it.

  8. God so loved the world, HE gave us CAPITALISM!!!… nothing wrong with desire to make money and do well for yourself and others… yeah, i don’t like the extra traffic and wait time in restaurants, but i firmly believe, this side of heaven, the villages is the best of the best… you don’t like capitalism??? go to venezuela, but remember to bring a few rolls of toilet paper with you

    • Chip, please show me ANYONE who is not interested in creating personal wealth, whether in business or not. Is that not what we were all doing for all our working lives?

      The Morse family has taken all the chances of ‘build it and they will come’. When “they” no longer come, then they will cease to build more. When the people here, (including you, Lon, and I) stop buying homes/shopping in the shopping centers/or partake of anything else that is available here, then we have earned the right to complain about how much they are making. Until then, I just say, “Thank you and go for it.”

        • Sorry, I misunderstood. And, yes, many here complain incessantly about it. As you say, most likely envy at work. They don’t seem to get the concept that everyone is equal, but that does not equate to monetary.

          Thanks for the clarification.

          • Yvonne, everyone is not equal…all.people are unique with different levels of various talents. However here, in America, everyone has the same rights. The Morses’ used their talents and rights to amass wealth. Nothing wrong with that!

        • No, Mr. Griffen, envy is not the only issue here. I don’t care kf they build villages from here to Miami, but I do care if I can’t reasonably get a tee time, if Buena Vista becomes 4 lenes each direction, and about other amenities residents used to have,those that I have now, and have or may disappear in the future.