New Lowe’s store in Trailwinds Development expected to create 150 new local jobs 

Construction of a new Lowe’s is under way at 5630 Seven Mile Drive in the Trailwinds Development on County Road 466A in Wildwood.

The site of the new Lowe's at Tailwinds Development.

The site of the new Lowe’s at Tailwinds Development.

The store is expected to open in February 2018 and will have approximately 103,000 square feet of retail space. An additional 37,000 square foot garden center will offer flowers, shrubs, trees and garden supplies tailored to the Florida climate and lifestyle.

A store of this size creates approximately 150 new jobs, the majority of which are full-time, according to Lowe’s officials.

Over the next three years, Lowe’s expects to open 15 to 20 new stores per year, including the new store in Wildwood, spend $3.6 billion on capital investments and create approximately 4,000 store-level jobs.

Currently, Lowe’s operates 123 stores and employs approximately 19,800 people in the state of Florida.



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    • Greg Reneau says

      Been with Lowes in Lady Lake 6.5 years. Hardly ever seen any crimes or drunk …just fine upstanding citizens like you Mr. Demasi. You have a positive and great day. Come by anytime and we’ll be happy to help you

    • Steve Robinson says

      Worked at Lowes on 441 for 2 years. Never saw a single drunk, nobody was doing drugs, and if the cars hadn’t been coming there they would have been going to Home Depot. Look at the bright side: Fewer drivers on 441 since folks on the south side will now have their own Lowes and won’t have to travel up to the north side. I guess my glass is half full whereas yours is completely empty.

  1. sosherman says

    Yes I wish we had Costco as well…with all the expansion of TV, I would think there is room for Costco…but perhaps Sam’s Club will be it (or another Sam’s Club?). And how about Trader Joe’s? I would think that would work here to serve not only TV, but would draw from closeby surrounding areas.

    • Chip Griffen says

      Trader Joes was looking and laughed at the assessments to be “Cart Accessible” and said heck no. And, “Fresh Market” sure is no Trader Joes (nor is it that fresh). Over priced? Certainly.

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