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Barry Evans

Barry Evans

As we all are aware there are many important subjects that need to be discussed.  Unfortunately, a number of them are not because too many folks get mixed up in debates on politics. Heck, if you listen to some of them, you would be led to believe that a certain group of politicians would lead us to greater glory.

Usually though when the rhetoric settles down, everyone admits in their deepest inner self that we are not going to be led to glory by any specific bunch of politicians – or even a single one.

I believe that sometimes it is better for life’s enjoyment to contemplate subjects that have a less deep turmoil embedded in their discussion. Life only goes on so long so the more simpler pleasures should be enjoyed, and perhaps leave the political tumult to specific times. For example, every other Friday evening between 6:00 and 6:15 could be set aside for political discussions.  This time would be mandatory for elected officials and TV news shows. Can you imagine the peace and harmony that would pervade our very existence should this occur?  I bet more would get done as well.

That would give us more time to have a healthy discussion of a subject like “what is the best pop?”  That is just one example of what would make for a lively discussion.  I should note at this point that “pop” is the proper nomenclature for the pleasant drinks of many flavors.  Some people, due to unfortunate choices of where they grew up (not always their fault), may believe that the word should be “soda.” They are mistaken, of course!  I have had a few folks in my time try to convince me that I was wrong.  I simply point out that whoever heard of a “Sodasicle.”

Now that point is clarified, I would like to lead a dialogue on what is the best tasting pop.  My argument would be for root beer, birch beer and cream soda.  I am ready to meet all challengers who go for a cola or some other nondescript drink.  Not only are the three I mention flavorsome, but they have different bouquets – just like wine, only better.  Anyone can buy a can or bottle of root beer for example, but it does not mean that they get the best root beer.  Most of them are merely flavored sugar water.  Others like one made in Australia and another made right here in the USA have actual ingredients that bring a pungent sensitivity to your palate.  People need to expand their horizons in this enigmatic area.

The same thing applies to cream soda.  You would be amazed at the different drinks in this variety that would awaken your taste buds – most of which have been deadened by a grating cola drink.  I will admit that many of you may not be acquainted with birch beer as it is mostly consumed in the northeastern part of the U.S.  However, that does not mean that you should not pursue this pop (which is not related to root beer, except perhaps in pursuit of happiness).  You can buy it in this area, and you too can then enjoy a search for the ultimate “birch beer.”

I recognize that many of you would probably prefer to discuss another subject of a non-political nature.  I simply pointed out one of many.  The bottom line is that I believe that you would prefer to have a low key discussion rather than listen in disbelief to a hyperactive discussion that his or her political party will lead us to Nirvana.

In any case, I would!

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  1. dan hopwood says


    Too bad the semi-literate trolls have hijacked this forum. The anti-American trumpologists have one-track minds, so you shouldn’t expect civil discussion about soda pop from them.

    • LiZa Adkison says

      dan, perhaps USING the picture of our MAGNIFICENT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP yesterday has something to do with it??? until they did that, NO ONE left a comment, perhaps NO ONE even read it while it still had just Barry’s picture…

    • LiZa Adkison says

      dan, i re-read all the posts here… you do know they are time stamped right??? scroll down and see who the first “semi-illiterate troll” posted and who “hijacked this forum”… you do know Marsha plays on your team, right???

  2. Dawne Anderson Lambert says

    Now back to hotdogs. Coming from New Jersey, I love Schickhaus Frank’s with natural casing. When you bite into them, they have that great snap!

  3. Kathy Anderson says

    Thank you Barry for your point of view on pop. I concur these type of discussions are much preferred. I might actually start enjoying the news and late night TV again if the assigned time to discuss politics was instituted.

    Now let’s discuss hot dogs. If you’re from Michigan or a near-by state, you may not be able to discuss the rivalry between UofM and MSU but most will agree that Koegel’s Vienna hot dogs are the best hot dog. I can’t face any hot dog by any other name. In case, you are interested in trying them, you can even order them online. What a world.

    Thanks again, Barry for putting a little lightness into my day.

    • David Bates says

      Ah. Another Koegels fan. We love ’em. My brother in law, a full-time resident of TV, always stocks up on them whenever he comes up here to visit. When we go to our place in TV in the winter, we try to take a supply with us.

  4. Larry Biddle says

    Al T. has it figured out. The Socialists among us will deliberately create diversions so the average JOE does not see what the real game is.

    And what is it you ask? None other than Socialism which will lead to Communism.

    You ask so what?

    Well, do you have a real understanding of what life is like in Cuba and Venezuela today?

    Keeping your head where the sun doesn’t shine will only lead to running out of toilet paper, food, shelter and, above all, OUR FREEDOM.

    The very rich only want to be richer and in control of the other half, the very poor.

    Which half do you think most Americans today fall into?

    Barry, you probably meant well but our system is failing and diversion from the truth will only hasten it.

    • Nabila Patel says

      Why did you neglect to mention Russia as one of those Communist countries? Is it because the Trump family is sucking up to Putin? Don’t you wonder why he refuses to admit, without equivocation, that Russia attacked this country by intervening in the election? Don’t you wonder why Russia wants Trump as president? Don’t you wonder what they have on him? Don’t you wonder?

      • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

        Nabila ,

        Another stupid comment by the left wingers. You people really aren’t sharp on the “up take” are you?
        Answer this……first PROVE that you just said. You can’t because it never happened. Even you left wing liberals has stated it………

        Next, the REAL collision is with your Queen of the Swamp Hillary.
        Tell us about her 20% of US Uranium she allowed RUSSIA to buy…..Why?
        Tell us about the “millions of dollars that was donated to to her phony “foundation” from RUSSIANS donors while this deal was in progress

        Isn’t it Interesting Billy Clinton at this time doubled his speaking fees to $500,000.00 in RUSSIA.

        I want to you explain this corrupt with Hillary why it is alright with you left wingers.
        President Trump isn’t the corrupt one……….your liberal democrat corrupt Hillary & her party is.

        So keep ranting and raving the liberals already look like losers that they really are.

        • Deena Graves Kerridge says

          Lbi, blah, blah, blah, you people, blah, blah, blah, Hillary, blah, blah, Billy. Same song, different day. So keep ranting and raving, you already look like the loser that you really are. Just turning your own words back at you. You claim it’s only liberals that call names, what a joke. I’ve been very good about it lately, but this one was just too easy to pass up. Your turn, blah, blah, blah to your heart’s content.

      • LiZa Adkison says

        Mary LBI, you failed to answer the little fool’s questions…
        it is changing more toward capitalism, no,no,no,no, and no…

        the REAL question Nabla is, why are you continuing with the russia-russia-russia BS>>> NOBODY with a functioning brain cares

      • Lloyd Barchers says


        Do you not recall Reagan’s defeat of the USSR? It is no longer the Soviet Union. It’s Russia and it’s socialist but no longer considered Communist.

        Now, please give us some examples of Russia’s interference in our elections. They may have tried but they had no effect on the outcome.

        And no, I do not wonder why you think that Russia wants Trump to be our president, but I do. I do not care what Russia wants or any other country in the world.

        By the way, I enjoy saying this so listen up. Hillary lost. She was defeated very handily and she did not even come close. Why? Because she is a criminal waiting to be tried in a court of law. Trump won by taking two thirds of the electoral votes.

        Please tell me that Hillary got more popular votes. I look so forward to hearing this little quip from the left. It amuses me when you all say that like it means something to anyone but a loser. Kind of like saying your losing Superbowl team had better looking uniforms than the winners.

      • Larry Biddle says

        Nabila, what rock have you been living under? You listen to Linda H. too much. It’s time to challenge your peers and do your own research. The liberal far left and even some Republicans have been hijacked by members of the Socialist Democrats of America Party whose goal is to switch America to a Socialist country like Europe. America is to big to sustain Socialism which only works in lessor populated countries.

  5. Dana Pennycamp says

    Barry when you mentioned Birch Beer, Clear or Dark Red variety seems I can only find the darker variety.

    With reference to soda type someone forgot Tonic.

  6. Glenn Bakke says

    I do like your 3 choices. Your third choice is soda. So your argument is mute.
    Do not even want to start talking about hoagie and subs.

  7. Marsha Shearer says

    Seems a bit like discussing the color of the curtains while the house is burning down. Choose to ignore the obvious? Have at it. But whistling in the dark only gets you so far before you bump into a wall.

        • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

          Lou, you love your country? That’s a joke. You are against everything that is good for America & the American people.
          You love the corrupt Hillary Clinton & the corrupt liberal Democrats.
          Obviously, have you are colored blind, his hair is on the blonde side.
          The only evil orange that you will see is CORRUPT Queen of the Swamp Hillary. in jail.

          Now Lou tell all of us about the “Hillary collusion” and prove the US Government they are wrong!!!

          BTW he is President Trump to you as long as you are an American citizen whether you like it or not.
          My feeling for Obama was the same as your but I NEVER spoke about him as you Liberals Democrats have done to this President.
          Obama was a socialist trying to destroyi this country down and you loved him.
          You love America????????

          • Nabila Patel says

            BTW, it’s PRESIDENT Obama to you…a title applied to all presidents, past and present. Frankly, I can hardly wait to use the title “ex-president” Trump!

          • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says


            Practice what you .preach . You never show respect to President Trump.

          • LiZa Adkison says

            our little community organizer will always be obummer to me, thought i do like the new nickname, (can’t remember who used it first), Obozo… think i’ll combine them: obozoobummer, kinda has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree nablah???

    • Lloyd Barchers says

      Hey Lou, give us an example of some charges you would use against the President. I won’t wait, because you have nothing but childish little quips.

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